At Time's I Am Ashamed.

When I joined this group I thought I was doing the right thing but now I have to wonder. I would read when a new story was posted but stopped doing it as much because it just made my blood pressure go up too many time's. I havenot responded to much because after reading a post and then looking at a profile I wonder where these people came from. They get on her and think it is there job to defend being a christian against all the " bad " people but when you look at their profile and the stuff they claim to be into they make themselve's into liar's and hypicrit's. I dont know what book you get your information from but it is not the bible.

I have been a christian almost all my life and am far from perfect. I know that God forgive's me of my sin's but that does not mean that I can go out anytime I want and do anything I want on purpose knowing that I am going against his word and keep expecting him to turn a blind eye and forgive me all the time. If one of your friend's did that to you just how long would it take for you to dump them ? I have friend's that are atheist and have better moral's then alot that claim to be christian. They tell you up front and dont hide thing's. They dont go to hell monday through saturday and go to church for an hour and a half on sunday and put on a show when God know's the truth. You want to play judge and jury which by the way is against God's word then go stand in front of the mirror and start with yourself. If you can even try to live what you want to push on other's then just stay home and keep quite and dont expect anybody to listen to you. Why should they ? I know that this wont sit well with some but before you jump on me ask yourself why.

Left In Doubt

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From reading only your spoken words -- without even bothering to read all the responses in word only without any deed or obedience whatsoever -- I can more than fully agree with all you say; and as a matter of fact through my over 25 years since my start of private studies in 1989 -- and never becoming a church member through any organized man made religion -- I have also learned to trust an honest atheist much more than christian frauds and religious hypocrites because all they are is hearers through their dead faith as made clear in James 1:22-25, 2:14-26 --- and to speak of they way they all are according to scripture is not judging as they all will say -- but rather telling them a truth they all refuse to hear. Truth never taught in the religions of man. Over 560 of my blogs, and current Sad and bad unreported world news Informative on world events My email My email

But aren't you doing the same right now. Putting your Christianity above somebody else's and judging them. Besides, what exactly to you find in their reading and blogs?

Christianity today has become a title, but when I look back at the early Church their Christianity was not a religion, it was a way of life, a pattern of living.<br />
The other day I saw some group about gay Christians and I laughed, for this same reason has the Faith been ill spoken of by those outside and has lost it's power; the power of the Holy Spirit and His transforming influence on the sinner turning him into a saint.

When Jesus was on earth, he exposed many people as hypocrites, including the Pharisees. But that didn't stop him from doing his fathers will. The honest truth is that the majority of professed Christians are not true Christians because they don't follow the standards set forth in the Scriptures. Non the less, we must keep doing the right thing ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with your post.. At times we should feel ashamed... For many that say they are Christians are not... Christ will say depart from me I never knew you. My prayers go out for you.. May god bring peace to your heart..

I think all we can do is pray and try to include God in our family life and even our community every day. I haven't been on here that long and have already had hate from people calling me a hypocrite. These people honestly believe that they are doing what God wants. I don't know if it is or not.

What I do know is that God accepts everyone that comes to him. I can't imagine he wants people trying to kick me or anyone else out of his "club".

Our actions should bring people to God not drive them away. I'm sure people don't judge Jesus on who he hung out with. I hope you won't judge others on that either.

Have a blessed evening and bring someone to God. Don't dare drive one away no matter how they act on here.

It was fairly recently that because I was ashamed and fed up with the way some Christians acted, I disowned the label 'christian' and just went with 'independent'. I was tired of the judgment, the complaining, the shouting and arrogant ways. I did not want to associate with that.

As a few days went by, I realized that what I did was very unfair. I am a black female and there are tons of bad apples in the black race and in the female race. Should I just disown my own race or my gender because of those few bad apples? So....I eventually took 'christian' back. But it makes your teeth cringe when you run into one of them.

we are humans... no one can be all the things god wants us to be. I think the point is ...we have to try to follow.

Very true! Jesus Himself told us to remove the plank of wood from our own eye before looking at the speck in our brother's. Also I agree that there are some very kind and caring non-believers out there, so we shouldn't judge them.

Thank you for reading and commenting SilentMystic. I have watched ALL the denomination's change so much over my lifetime that at time's I am left dumbfounded. I can " somwhat " understand that thing's must change with the time's we live in to reach an ever changing way people percieve life. The foundation that God set forth in his word for us to build upon has not changed though.<br />
<br />
Today's " religion " has watered it down to the point that it is more confusing than ever. Almost anything is accepted and preached from the pulpit's today. God is being more and more confined inside the wall's of a building for a few hour's a week and left there so he does not interfere with your life outside those wall's. What happened to the love christian's had for God and one another ? What happened to the church who's door's were alway's open and the minister was on hand when needed ? What happened to God's people ? If I have to belong to a " corporation " with all it's man made rule's and guideline's that is more interested in kissing up to me so i put more in the offering plate, I think I will pass. I think I will just bring God home with me just as it should be and build from there.

Thank You Kris99 for the honesty of your comment here. As I have said , I am far from perfect. I deal with depression along with other thing's an I am the first to admit that I fall short of his word. A sin is a sin in God's eye's and it is up to him to judge each of us acordingly. I claim no denomination or religion as I feel that is man made and no denomination hold's the key's to heaven. BUT !!!<br />
<br />
I dont know what Radical Christianity is but if it mean's that I can just go out and do anything I please knowing that I am on purpose breaking his word and think that if I pray please forgive me that it is ok then I must disagree. When a person claim's to be a christian and yet their profile state's every kind of sexual fetish under the sun, I am sorry that I cant agree with that. There are thing's that God expect's from his children just as you expect from your's. Just off the top of my head how many time's will you forgive you child for stealing from you just because they say they are sorry, but keep doing it when you have told them it is wrong ? At some point you will draw the line. Why should we expect less from God.<br />
<br />
If a person claim's to be a christian, yes we will fall short but at least TRY to live what you claim. Dont attack, as I see to often on here sombody that is at least honest enough to tell you up front that they dont believe in God yet the have better moral's then they themself live by. If I am wrong then I will answer for it when I stand before God. Until then I called it as I saw it. Thank You again for your response.

I am a Christian and I have a sexual fetish and I enjoy transgender fiction that focus' on it. Does it do any harm? Will not reading it change the way I feel? Does it have to affect the way I conduct myself in daily life? Does it mean that I don't believe in everything that Jesus said? Not at all. We all have feelings that are private and don't want to share with others. EP gives one the ability to indulge in these feelings with a sense of anonymnity. It's harmless enough and heaven knows, my thoughts crertainly any worse than anyone else's. If you're looking for purity in anybody's real thoughts, you may as well stop reading EP. As human beings it's just not there.

Although by and large, I do agree with most of your blog Very good job:)

What do you think God wants from us?<br />
<br />
Acknowledgement. <br />
<br />
Hosea 6:6 NIV<br />
For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, <br />
and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings.<br />
<br />
<br />
He wants to be thanked for the incredible gifts he gives all of us in good and bad times.<br />
<br />
This is at a basic level what it means to love God and he is more than worthy.<br />
<br />
Now, you may be tempted to say I am not Christian because I am a mtf transsexual woman. You might say that this is a sin. I disagree. The sin for me would be to continue denying the.truth about myself once I knew it.<br />
<br />
Jesus told us that we should make peace with our brothers before we give our offerings and with that he says.we will be bound in heaven by what we bind on Earth.<br />
<br />
I advocate a radical acceptance of all because I believe God wants us to love him and love others. Being rejected never feels like love. In fact it is so isolating that I believe it fuels teen suicide rates particularly with LGBT teens.<br />
<br />
If living your faith leads people to feel rejected to the point where suicide seems the best option we have woefully and tragically missed the point of loving others.<br />
<br />
Lest anyone deny that this happens, let me assure you it does. Even in affirming churches that accept LGBT people.<br />
<br />
Of course, there is a time when we can judge and that is when the sin actually impacts you, such as if someone steals from you, assaults you, or commits adultery with your spouse. Even then, God calls us to forgive.<br />
<br />
This is radical Christianity. This is how I am trying to live my faith and follow Jesus. <br />
<br />
How do you live yours? are you a peace maker?

You done good, my jj friend!! God Bless You Robert.

Thank's Miss JJ. I guess this is one time my tongue got the better of me. I dont think I was out of line on this one though and called it as I seen it.

Just as you always are, you were right on target with your story . Not just your words but the sincerity<br />
of what you wrote. You mentioned writing a story like this to me and as usual it kept going right past my head. I would think about what you said and then when I was logged in, I would wander around and totally forget to look for this. Too bad for me too, I was missing out! Maybe I need to get the hammer back out, do you think??Sometimes I'm too hard on me and feel God will get me for always<br />
forgetting to leave it in His Hands. But then I remember he's more loving and forgiving than I could ever hope to be. I don't aspire to be. Thank you for reminding me of Christianity, not because I knew already, but the way you wrote it. <br />
Always Your JJ Friend!! {{hugs}}

You are correct my friend. There is no pick and choose, God's word is God's word. Too many people that call themselve's christian sin right off the bat. Thou Shall Not Judge. Being a christian does not mean I am above anybody and if I dont want to be judged, then I dont judge. That is God's place. We each fall short but I will continue to put my faith in him and trust him to see me through. Thank you for your comment.

The problem with most people who call themselves Christans.think they are better than anyone els they keep forgetting that they too are only sinners, but saved by grace.So many Christians take parts from the Bible to suit themselves. This is wrong if you cannot take all the teaching of the Bible then do not take any of it it does you no go and it deffinitely will do no one else any good. You know i am sure the penalty for tating one Jot or Title from Holy sc<x>ripture. NO! Well you will find it in the last chapter of the book of Revelations.

Thank You Maggie. It is past due for the children of God to take a stand and step on a few toe's and wake some people up.

Thank you so much. You're a wonderful example of a good Christian. I can't thank you enough for reminding others that they aren't alone in their views.

Thank You for your comment Physicis Lover. If I dont get my toe's stepped on here and there I fall asleep and must not be listening to God.

If we can't call ourselves out, everyone certainly can, yes? I'd rather hear it from a loving brother, any day.<br />
<br />
More men like you are needed, Sir, and I thank you for telling it like it is, in love.

Thank you Brieks07 and whatsitdoingnow for your comment's.

Thanks for sharing that, Robert. You have many good points.<br />
Some stories in this group have made my blood pressure go up as well. At one point, I admit I was tempted to leave this group, but then I remembered I am a part of the Christian group for what it means to me---not what other people say/do in it.

Thank you LittleLena. You are correct and I dont fell God expect's us to be perfect. He know's we are weak and sin and forgive's us but we still need to try to follow his word and not just do as we please and expect him to forgive forever. Thank you for your comment my friend.

Thank You Layne and Baltazar. I called it as I see it and dont feel I was rude or off ba<x>se. Thank you for your comment's.

Hey I think this was very well put and straightforward. We need this wake-up call. It is indeed one thing to talk the talk, but to walk the walk is a different story. It amazes me how so many people claim to be christian but have no idea what it means to be one nor do they care about how they honor God and treat their fellow man. Good story Robert :)

Tommy, you NAILED it! And it is a trmendous problem because Jesus ultimately takes the hit for what other christians are professing versus living. And the judging and condemning is an embarrasment because we are NEVER to forget that it is ONLY by His grace and mercy that we ourselves ar saved and not because He felt we were better than anyone else. That was timely and people, christians and non christians needed to see that.<br />
<br />
By the way, message me sometime and fill me in on what is happening. It's been quite a while.<br />