Locked Up- Imprisioned In Mind, Body, And Soul- Part 3 Of My Story- The Lord wooed me with his love ....( edited version)

In August, 1986, I arrived in the United States with a sick baby, and though I didn't know it at the time, with a sick mind. From what I'm able to recall, and from what family members remember, I was speaking irrationally. For example, I was saying things like, "Why didn't daddy come to see us off at the airport?" My family immediately suspected something was wrong because my father had died the year before in November 1985. I remember feeling frightened as I tried to make a phone call and couldn't. It seemed like bits and pieces of my memory had floated away. I was rushed to see a doctor who examined me and I was locked up with "Crazy People".

During the ride to the doctor's office, I can vividly recall holding a piece of paper in front of my face on which I had hastily and pathetically scribbled the words, "Don't bring me to a psychiatrist, take me to a psychologist". Some of these events are now a bit hazy as I drifted in and out of reality so I will try to write them as best as I can remember.

When I arrived at the hospital, I was very confused. I couldn't understand why I had been placed in an institution with "these kind of people" Then suddenly, I started praying out loud. A small crowd had gathered around me, and believe it or not, I started praying for people. I heard myself praying and it was making sense. One of the people I prayed for was a young Asian man, probably in his early twenties. I myself, was in my late twenties at the time. As I was praying for the young man, he suddenly snatched his hand away and when I asked him why he had done that, he simply replied, "I felt something". I continued praying out loud. Then, out from no where, as if from out the blues, I heard a woman shout loudly, "STOP IT! I DON"T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THAT ONE! (meaning, the Lord)

I looked around me, shocked into a place of reality. The lady who had shouted for me to stop might have been around forty-five to fifty years old.  I might be off by a few years. Anyway, I stopped praying and the small crowd that had gathered around me had by then dispersed. The rest of that evening is bit hazy. However, one thing I do remember clearly, was an incident where a young lady( maybe in her early twenties), came up to me and asked me to pray for her so that the Lord would allow her to leave the institution. To this day, and I don't know why, I heard myself saying to her, "If you give your life to the Lord right now, I will pray for you, and the Lord will let you leave". I want to think these were my exact words but to my knowledge, they were in fact words to that effect.

Strange as it may seem, that young lady stood while I placed my hand on her head and led her through the sinner's pray. I then remember telling her with unshakable confidence, "They will let you go home". The young lady smiled and walked away. To my utter amazement, a few minutes later, she returned and with such immense happiness on her face, said to me, "I'm going home". I have no other details about this young woman. I can't recall her name or anything else about her except the fact that she was an African American woman. I have since tried to go back to that night and try to remember more details, but I can't. My mind doesn't dwell much on that part of my life and it's been years since I have visited that memory, yet I know it was probably a turning point in my walk with the Lord.

I only spent one night at that hospital and then the next day was transferred me to a more "Sane" place- A treatment center where I would meet with all kind of  of doctors, and undergo all kind of treatments which I will speak about later. While writing this part of my story, I have asked the Lord to let me meet that young lady again one day. I am curious to know if she was still serving the Lord. That is; if she's still alive, of course! I'm lucky to be alive right now to tell my story. Before I began writing my story, I was lying on the bed one day, and the words I heard was, "Tell your story".

I want to be obedient to the Lord. I ask the Lord each day, before I begin to write, "Lord, give me the words and the wisdom to write it in the way that you want me to and to be humble as I do it. I also tell the Lord that let my story bring honor and glory to his name, that I will decrease and He will increase. I did not plan to write my story in parts like I am doing now, but this is how it has evolved. I can only surmise that this is how God's spirit is leading me. I had started this story I believe two or three times, each with a different beginning, and lost it, and so I want to believe, this is the way in which I was supposed to start it, and continue it. But I do know it's too long for me to tell everything in one long story so I have divided it into parts.

 I don't know the reason this part of my life occurred and why I was placed in that mental institution for one night but I have since long come to the conclusion that I was sent there to pray for that one young lady, that God for some reason only He knows, wanted me to meet her and lead her to him. This was the first person I had ever led to the Lord in this way and when I remember to, I pray for her. All I know, is that the next day, as I walked from the institution to the treatment Center(  the buildings were very close) - within walking distance, I felt a strange power, I felt that anything that I requested of the Lord that day, He would give it to me.

I have never experienced that feeling since, maybe one day I will, but I don't know. Though a lot of the events of that period of my life is not very clear, this remains clear- that for that one night unto the next day, I feel that I was under God's anointing. At the time I did not know what it was, but I feel in my spirit that for that short period of time, God had anointed me to do his work. Those few hours I had felt the Lord's presence, his power, and his peace, and an overwhelming happiness, brief as it was. He had been with me throughout that brief ordeal, filling me with his courage and strength.

I was a month in the treatment Center where I met a lot of new people- people who for whatever reason, needed medical help. I think one young lady told me that she was there because she used drugs. I remember thinking of how eloquently and highly intelligently she spoke. I wish I could meet her again, but I know I would not recognize her for a lot of years have passed. Every morning, we would all gather in the meeting area, have meals, and then, discussions. Everything appeared to be normal except that some of the medication I was given had blurred my speech and affected my vision, temporarily of course, but the Lord gave me a song that I kept singing. I heard myself singing this song over and over again.............TO BE CONTINUED.
Reedemed Reedemed
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Dear Reedeemed, You are an extraordinarily open and strong person to be able to be a conduit of God in this way. I count myself lucky that you are a friend of mind, and wish that you'd pray for me too. Please pray that soon I will be free of any negative effects of the harassment- if you feel inspired to do so. It would be a big favor to me. Your obedience to God and telling your story inspires me. Reminding me that I have so much to do, that I feel God has been prompting me to do, must write my story too! I love how transmitting God's message of holy redemption talked you back into health and singing his songs gave you strength to recover. God bless You!