I Am Blessed

Today was a day that got me thinking of how blessed I am. I have gone through periods of my life where I have always wondered why others were blessed and not me but when I look back I realized how blessed I have been, am now, and always will be. I am pretty sure if most of you look back on your life you would realize how blessed you have been even though it may not have looked like it.

I have had many blessings from when I was young. I had a mother, who loved me so much that she made the sacrafice to put me me up for adoption, even though she didn't want to. I was adopted by wonderful parents. I never had a brother (That I knew of anyways) and met a friend whom was the brother I never had. Although my marriage was litttle to be desired, I was blessed to have two beautiful sons from it. So even though the marriage was bad, good did come from it.

I lossed two important poeple in my life one of my best friends and my grandfather. Although I had time to grieve, I didn't have to go through it too long, as exactly a week after the first one passed, my first son was born. Ironically the same thing happened with my second sons birth. My grandfather passed and exactly a week later my second son was born.

Now in my present. I am still blessed. Firstly, I found the love of my life, not sure how it will play out though (See my Story on True Love) but I feel blessed to have finally found what I spent a long time searching for. I know it deos exist. I pray that it will work out.

Secondly. I have since found my biological family, and today I met everyone that lives around here at a family bbq. I was treated like a prodigal son. It was touching, My biological brother said that "now that mom found you, she has never been happier. She always seemed like a piece of her was missing until we found each other." I am blessed to have the fairytale family reunion. Although the woman who raised me will always be my mom, I am blessed to have the love of two mothers,

Most of us have been blessed when we actually take a look at everything in our lives. I have been blessed more times than what I have wrote and only talked about the major blessings. Tomorrow is Mother's Day (In my part of the world... some of you that read this may already be into tomorrow) so I would like everyone to thank their moms tomorrow, for which we were blessed with their love.

God Bless Friends
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2 Responses May 7, 2011

We r blessed, Because we have created by his own image. Nothing surpasses that, Trials and tribulations are nothing when think that God has chosen you as his disciple. Your blessed indeed.

When we face our lives with gratitude through the good and the bad, God blesses us even more. You've seen that in the reunion with your biological family.