A Dream Of Hope And Promise

I’ve shared a few glimpses into my bitter/sweet past in the few stories I’ve written here, and a bit more with several friends. Some of whom use this site. Those who have absorbed this information will have a semi-decent idea as to what I mean when I describe my past life as “bitter/sweet”.

It hasn’t been easy sharing this information. I first started sharing it (and subsequently joined this site, coming across it by chance) after having been inspired by another Christian sister who had had similar experiences with the spirit world that lies just behind the veil. I think it would have been quite a while before I started sharing it with others outside my small circle unless I had seen her story (thank you Google ;).

I believe the Lord was behind my finding this site, however trivial it may seem, and that He wanted me to share my pearls with those who would have them. I believe this information has touched people’s lives and will continue to do so, online and in person and in other ways. I may not know who will have been touched or why the Lord would have wanted them to know, but I certainly feel that I was meant to share it here… for now.

I am beginning to believe that the Lord gave me my writing talents and these experiences for the purpose of reaching out to others, including those who have been through similar experiences or who are in dark places in their lives in order to give them hope and strength and direct them down the right path. I am also beginning to believe that He plans for me to take it to a much higher level in the near future. As I am growing closer to the Lord I am learning to trust in Him and follow His guidance. I’m still taking baby steps though, but I’ll get there in His grace. All will work out in the end, I know, because I trust Him.

Things have been moving at quite a pace the last couple of months since the Lord revealed Himself to me in the way that He did. I’ve felt His presence in my life and seen things happening like never before in my life. Wherever I am in my life right now, I know it is a very good place and I’m happy with that. I’m just so grateful right now that I have found the Lord. For a while, that has been all I wanted and now it has really happened.

I sometimes feel like Lazarus, having been raised from the dead by Jesus with my grave clothes still on. I look back and I was pretty dead. And He has indeed raised me from the dead in more ways than one. I am in the process of shedding my grave clothes all the time, one little piece at a time.     

Those who dare to believe what I say and who can confirm the legitimacy of my claims by their own means and personal knowledge will know that there is a God and that He has been working in my life, against all odds.

Despite my disobedience and my faults and shortcomings, every now and then I look back and I see the footprints where I was supposed to be walking are not my own. I know that the Lord has been working in my life largely due to the unceasing prayers of my mother and a number of other fellow Christians. There was even a whole Christian congregation in England that was praying for me at one time and for that I am extremely grateful and humbled. This is why I believe in the importance of prayer so strongly. It is something we MUST do. We cannot do without it if we are serious about walking closely with the Lord and overcoming evil.

Although God is an infinite being with Whom nothing is impossible, there are some things that limit Him on this earth. Firstly, God is love and one of the fruits of love is that it never forces and always gives a choice. God is also holy and He will not be mocked and He cannot dwell in the presence of sin. An offshoot of this is that God cannot operate in an atmosphere of unbelief and scoffing.

Healings and answers to prayer happen in an atmosphere of expectancy, reverence and belief. Prayer, trust and belief open the door for our Creator to operate in our lives. This is what has happened in my life.

Baring all this in mind, I come to the main point of this post.

I had a dream a while ago, when I was much younger. I didn’t know what it meant at the time but I know it was a promise given to me by the Lord at a time when I could not have foreseen the future.

It was very long and there was a lot to take in. Parts of it have evaded my conscious memory for now, but much of it I remember, however so fuzzy. There were many pieces of my future life and events that would take place in the future, metaphorically and literally. In retrospect, I have seen those things take place pretty much as the dream said they would.

This was the dream. I was travelling through these dark tunnels, ending up in different rooms and seeing various events. At times I felt like I was seeing myself in third person and watching myself as an observer.

There were many horrible experiences and crushing moments, much like the ones I would have later on. I saw myself doing things that I would later do, saw myself feeling things and experiencing moments that I would later have. There were also many breaks in the bad experiences.

I don’t want to go into too much detail right now, but I’ll just describe the gist of it. I was in a dark, dark place in this dream, just as it would be in my life. Moving through these tunnels, they were cold and damp. There was little light, stumbling through the darkness. There seemed to be no way out. I felt like I was on a path of destruction, but I was going somewhere gradually.

Near the end of this dream, I was on my last leg, weakened and demoralized. I was feeling so desperately hopeless and tormented. Then I came to a place where there was a faint light at the end of this tunnel. As I drew nearer I started to notice vines and plant life appearing on the walls. The light started to gradually increase around me and a sense of peace started to come over me. The light was blinding, but the closer I came to the end, I started to make out a figure sitting on a bench in a beautiful garden. He was just sitting there, waiting like he had been expecting me. As soon as I could make him out I noticed that he was looking at me with a big warm smile on his face and he waved with one hand. His legs were crossed and he was dressed all in white. He looked extremely handsome and powerfully built from what I could see. He was sitting on the one side of the bench like he was expecting me to come and sit next to him. It felt almost like I was going to reconnect with a good old friend that I hadn’t seen for a while. I don’t remember much else from the dream. It probably ended there.

Where I am in my life at the moment, I would imagine myself somewhere near the end of that tunnel. It could be further back or it could be closer than I have realized yet. As I said, things have been moving at quite a pace lately.

This dream has been a powerful reassurance to me, especially in the last year or so. Although I have forgotten it every now and then, I have been able to fall back on it time and again. There are some things you just know, and I know this dream is one of those things. It was a promise from the Lord, among other promises that I have received.

One thing about the Lord’s promises is that He will make sure that they are fulfilled no matter what. He never lies and His words are rock solid reliable.
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Thank you, Kitsgamesandads for your comment. <br />
<br />
I believe the Lord does sometimes communicate with us through dreams. And I do agree with you that we cannot know God's time scale. I was just surmising and I realize that perhaps wasn't too wise. ;)<br />
<br />
I'm sorry to hear about your divorce and your other bad experiences. I believe however that the Lord will use those bad experiences for good because you love Him.<br />
<br />
I've been meaning to read your story "How Much Is Enough" and comment on it but I haven't got down to it yet. I'll do that tomorrow. ;)<br />
<br />
God bless. ;)

NorseChief,I went though the same (process of) dreams and gradually the Lord's Name appeared more often more explicit in my dreams.<br />
In 1985 (recovering from the devastating effect of a divorce which included nothing less than ECT and loss of everything I possessed),I started dreaming about a girl I was engaged to 16 years prior to that.Later on I couldn't bear it anymore and decided to write her a letter to just discuss our (sudden) break off.However,she was not willing to do that.I was putting it off for a long while before I took that step and so by the time I did it,I was already pretty desperate.But she was as hard as nails and simply told me:"Phone me once you get married again".<br />
That was a terrible blow to me sychologically speaking.Why I can't really say.But it was .I began seeing "double". When speking to women Their faces atarted to turn into withches in front of me.That happened on two occasions.<br />
I saw a psychiatrist but he (after consulting with others) told me: "You are gifted person,but not to worry,you are going to be all right."<br />
What it was, was that I actually had two episodes of scizophrenia - because of emotional pain.<br />
Shortly after that I had my first dream in which God's name appeared.It simply showed me with four Bibles and said: " THE LORD WILL PROTECT YOU"<br />
Because I am Afrikaans speaking I always wondered why it had the dream in English.<br />
But that was way back in 1985 - today I am writing on EP.<br />
I agree with you - but we can't tell what God's time scales are.<br />
You are doing well and I really enjoyed reading your posrt.You definetely have wrinting talents<br />
God Bless<br />
And.oh yes,I never had any "schizo" experience in my life again..