Want To Follow God

but I have a long ways to go, I'm not a Christian or even ben Baptise.because I will never be holy and I'm not ready to follow Jesus.
I hate this. I want to be accepted to God but my Behavior is still bad :( I know I don't steal anymore or crime of any activity but my mind is confused of what I should do for my future.

God  trying to put me in the past? because I hate the world how it is and I should live in the past? that's how I feel like but I'm still drinking and adultery...Its hard :(
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One of the first commandments the new follower of Christ learns is to be a witness, or to go and teach, preach, and give personal testimony of the power of the gospel of Christ to liberate a soul from the bondage of sin.<br />
This comment contained in the above article has done so much damage to individuals and Christianity in general that i could not let it go.<br />
Where is this commandment found in relation to new converts, it is news to me.<br />
Sending or advising ill equipt converts to preach the word is wrong,as can be seen on a daily basis on this site and many others providing fuel for the sceptics, new converts need to be nurtured, not have the burden of sin lifted and then replaced with other burdens, there is a need to let people grow and discover their Spiritual gifts whatever they might be and exercise these gifts with the encouragement and building up within the local group.

This post seems heart-felt and honest. It's rare that people are willing to admit that they avoid taking that leap into Christianity because they aren't ready to let go of their sin. But I would encourage you to pray and continue to seek out Christians to share these things with. <br />
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The part of you that longs to have right relationship with God is your spirit and the Bible tells us that we can't long for him except that He first longs for us! How beautiful is that? When you feel that desire to share intimacy with God, it is proof that He's knocking on the door of your heart and longing desperately to share intimacy with you as well.<br />
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Christianity does not mean that we are all sinless.. but it does require that we turn away from and repent of our sins. In fact, the salvation experience is powerful enough to break those chains that previously had us bound to our sin so don't underestimate it! Just remember that the love Jesus has shown you required a sacrifice on His part.. and He made it for you because He loves you even while you're lost in your sin. He made a way for you to be truly free if you will but accept it. <br />
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Oh, what love! :)

*hugs* thank you :)

i think our behavior will always be bad at times because we are humans and sinners and will always fall short of the glory of God. But you shouldn't give up. You aught to seek fellowship with your peers and dive into the word! which i know is hard sometimes but those are things that will help you grow for sure. I've been learning lately that we are made holy when we accept Jesus into our heart, but that sanctification (the process of being made to be more like Jesus) is a lifelong process and often uncomfortable. Hope I helped :)

yesh bebe :)

no babe its not that....I'm just trying to fix myself...I can't give up :( I'm trying to be strong...PM?

:( maybe it'd be easier if i weren't around...i feel like i'm leading you astray sometimes :|