Demonic Attack

I was lying in bed; I had just finished reading a couple chapters from the book "Chariots of the Gods”. It was the first time I began reading this book and was very interested in it. As I was closing my eyes I realized I couldn't move. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't make a noise or move a muscle, this happens to me occasionally but this time it was different. When I realized I was paralyzed I heard a screaming static, It was very and deep and sounded like a screaming exhalation. It began grabbing at me. This was new; I've never been physically touched while in this state before. As it was grabbing my arms it was saying "Come on", almost whispering. It was trying to tell me to "come on" like "let’s go" which of course I retaliated. I began to pray. This demon was very powerful and was unfazed. It just kept repeating "come on" and grabbing me. It seemed as if it would last forever, I remember a second voice hidden in the background, and it sounded like a young girl. She was warning me about the demon and said "watch out for Saturn", or at least that's how I comprehended it. When I was finally able to move I went to my computer (Reading similar stories make me feel better). On my computer screen there was a chat message from someone I didn't know, she said Hi, I replied, within minutes she began to say disgusting vulgar things, all sexual and tried to get me to give her my info to join a webcam. I quickly denied her request but I saw that her first message was sent seconds before I was attacked. Is this somehow connected? What are the chances? I still don't know what Saturn is, but did something come through that message? An evil force? I believe so. I believe something doesn't want me reading that book.  
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Yeah that is def a scary experience. I too have been attacked by demons,and on more than one occasion. The last time I heard it speak to me and I was so freaked out I almost went out the window! My brother was living with me at the time and said that he saw a dark presence enter my room. I was also sleeping at the time and realized that I am vulnerable when asleep. The other times happened at night as well. You have to be strong and resist. Thank GOD that He is watching over us,his Holy spirit keeping us. Keep the faith brother,you are on the right path