Science And The Bible

This chart shows scientific facts and principles referred to in this ancient Bible, but not actually discovered by humankind until later centuries. Dead sea scrolls, historical documentation, and word of mouth all confirm the authenticity of the Bible and when it was created. Since people had no official knowledge of these scientific facts until more than a thousand years after the Bible was written, is this scientific proof that the Bible was inspired by God?

Scientific Fact or Principle / Bible reference /  Date of discovery by man
Both man and woman possess the seed of life / Genesis 3:15 / 17th Century
There is a place void of stars in the North / Job 26:7 / 19th Century
Earth is held in place by invisible forces /  Job 26:7 / 1650
Taxonomic classification of matter / Genesis 1 / 1735
The Earth is round / Isaiah 40:22 / 15th Century
Certain animals carry diseases harmful to man / Leviticus 11 / 16th Century
Early diagnosis of leprosy / Leviticus 13 / 17th Century
Quarantine for disease control / Leviticus 13 / 17th Century
Blood of animals carries diseases / Leviticus 17 / 17th Century
Blood is necessary for life Leviticus / 17:11 / 19th Century
Oceans have natural paths in them / Psalms 8:8 / 1854
Earth was in nebular form initially / Genesis 1:2 / 1911
Most seaworthy ship design ratio is 30:5:3 / Genesis 6 / 1860
Light is a particle and has mass (a photon) / Job 38:19 / 1932
Radio astronomy (stars give off signals) / Job 38:7 / 1945
Oceans contain fresh water springs / Job 38:16 / 1920
Snow has material value / Job 38:22 / 1905, 1966
Infinite number of stars exist / Genesis 15:5 / 1940
Dust is important to survival / Isaiah 40:12 / 1935
Hubert Spencer's scientific principles / Genesis 1 / 1820
Air has weight / Job 28:25 / 16th Century
Light can be split up into component colors / Job 38:24 / 1650
Matter is made up of invisible particles / Romans 1:20 / 20th Century
Plants use sunlight to manufacture food / Job 8:16 / 1920
Arcturus and other stars move through space / Job 38:32 / 19th Century
Water cycle / Ecclesiastes 1:7 / 17th Century
Life originated in the sea / Genesis 1 / 19th Century
Lightning and thunder are related / Job 38:25 / 19th Century
Man was the last animal created / Genesis 1 / 15th Century

Science still has not caught up to where the Bible has been for over 4000 years. Carbon dating doesn't work: Carbon dating showed a 5 year old rock from a fresh lava flow to be over 12 million years old. Fossilization is only possible at a very rapid pace, usually less than a year or the material being fossilized would rot away, and this can be witnessed and has been scientifically observed in various caves and at hot springs around the world. No one saw the world form 5 billion years ago, it is a theory based on things like fossilization and carbon dating, which have been proven false.
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this is cool!

Carbon dating isn't used on rocks. Only organic matter..

Rocks often have carbon in them, silly...

You can carbon date anything with carbon in it, since it measures the radioactive decay of carbon. Most rocks have carbon 14 (the type used for carbon dating) in them in trace amounts. How else do you think they have carbon dated meteorites that have no organic material whatsoever in them?

Maybe you should leave science for people who understand it, or learn it before trying to debate it.

No. Sharpie is right. Look it up!

It often helps to provide a direct reference, and though this isn't exactly definitive it does contain the relevant information at the start:
People are often too lazy to look things up.

@VV - I'm surprised for you to have lapsed on such a simple point...

Note to self: I guess he didn't look it up.

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I once read that during the last century many esteemed scientists used the bible to find statements of fact then set out to research such information often finding that the bible was in fact correct.They used it as a starting point to begin research.

That is correct.

One great book that I have read on this topic is The Biblical Basis for Modern Science by Henry M. Morris.

Good Stuff!! Thanks for sharing the information!

Very Good study. Wish I could share this with some other people. Hoping for more.

Share it if you like.

Interesting break down. But I think some of these facts were found way before the bible was written. For example it does not take much to realize lightning has something to do with thunder. Second there is not an infinite amount of stars in the universe. We are only saying that because we cannot count them all. To say the number is never ending is not a fact. Further more I do agree carbon dating is not always reliable because we use machines to measure how many atoms of nitrogen are in a substance. The process is hard, and there can be mistakes. But I think when the fossil record comes up usaully consistant it can be accurate. But none of this is to argue the existance of god.

I would say "the fossil record" as presented is not a fact of anything except that something died. The fossil record just as the so called "geological column" only exist in text books and can be found nowhere on earth.

I assume that you have been able to study this at length to make such a bold comment like that. Perhaps you have studied paleontology for a long time. Or you have done your research to prove my comment wrong, because what you just said is a very very very interesting thing to say. I would only accept an expert on this matter to claim something as big as this which I assume you are given you saying this without citing any outside source for me to read. If in fact my assumptions are untrue and you have not studied the fossil record as thoroughly as one must to make this claim, don't waist my time with such a preposterous statement.

the important thing to remember about that is that scientists are forced to admit that the universe had a definite beginning.

I find that most people use science instead of faith in God. Why not explain science because of God? Example: most people who support the Big Bang theory, deny the existence of God. How do we know that God didn't use the Big Bang method? I mean, why can't both be correct?

Great list! Thanks!

Say it then. I love it.

The Bible, obviously

Thank you for sharing this most interesting information ! I am looking forward to reviewing every point you made.

Good break down. Thanks.