My Personal Experience With Gospel For Asia

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After reading the well known book Revolution in world missions by K P Yohannan and praying for guidance after being given information from the Australian branch of Gospel for Asia, sponsoring a Native Missionary was established.

Certain guidelines were in place which at the time seemed reasonable such as not having any contact at all with the sponsored missionary based on the reasoning that the time and effort required to translated letters into local dialects was time consuming and expensive. This turned out to be a red herring as English according to GFA sources is the lingua franca in the GFA schools and colleges.

The payment for missionary support was made by mail and sponsors are from then on the recipients of literature for all sorts of other needs for children or wells and the like including purchase and distribution of live animals, which in my case was unnecessary pressure being on a pension, nevertheless all was well until I received a magazine outlining the workings of missionaries in the field in various parts of Asia.
At first it was very uplifting to see these locals spreading the Gospel with virtually only the shirt on their back and walking great distances in the heat and dust, and the letters column would bring a lump to the throat at times.

As the quarterly Magazines called (Send) keep coming in with updates and stories a small disclaimer was noticed which reads, many of the names and places in the stories have been changed for security reasons. In addition to the names and places not being the actual circumstances and having acquired back issues of the magazine it became obvious that certain people were continually being seen as different identities in several stories, after contacting GFA about the problem it was disclosed that the photos depicting people in the stories was from library sources and again was for security reasons. This simply did not make sense. The book Revolutions in world missions by way of a caption to a photo states, “if you are given the privilege to be a martyr for the Lords sake they are told, remember that heaven is a much better place. He has promised never to leave or forsake you”

These fake situations about names, places, and photos cast serious doubt on the veracity of the stories themselves.

The doubt was verified when stories from the field involved testing God.
It was noticed that a pattern had developed in witnessing, approaching people who were either ill personally or had a sick child or relative, this involved a situation where the missionaries were told that if this Jesus they talk about would heal the sick individual involved, then, they would be prepared for converting, the usual pattern was for the missionaries to go away and pray and then return to the village where great joy was found by way of a healing being witnessed and Jesus name being praised, these case histories became more disturbing when the same approach was made in a village where a cow had died, the owner would look to hearing more about their Jesus if the cow could be revived, after prayer it was and another convert was made. This was the last straw for me and I wrote to GFA Australia showing my deep concern for the way the missionaries were prepared to test God in an effort make converts, I was initially told that I had missed the point, the healing or resuscitation of an animal had occurred, undeterred I contacted HQ in Texas and was told that the Gospel must be adjusted to suit certain local circumstances, “Another Gospel”
It became necessary to sever my relationship with GFA at that time.

This matter would have ended there, I was drawn to GFA as missionary outreach to save souls far outstripped any other motive, the good works were not the basis of my withdrawing support they preach another Gospel.

As time has passed many disturbing things have been found out about GFA and the way they function especially during natural disasters, these disasters have been abused to raise funds by manipulating numbers which can be verified.

The founder has taken upon himself to be ordained as a Bishop, Archbishop and now metropolitan involving another face of GFA namely the Believers Church. See link below.

The other side of Dr Yohannan is the opulent surroundings and workings of the Believers Church Residential School see link below.

In addition to the school, the Believers Church website gives another side of the story as can be viewed at the link below.

These are a small example of why I moved away from GFA, not because of their good works to the poor and oppressed but the preaching of another Gospel which I believe is self evident in literature and falls into Galatians 1: 8-9 the Gospel has always involved sin and repentance and always will, which is something not evident in the writings of those from GFA.

This post has been written from the heart and soul, it will without doubt bring upon me the wrath of certain people who will be offended, if I have fabricated anything then I need to be told.

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Re Joemonvargis.<br />
Where have you made any attempt to prove that what is written as being untrue? your generalities do not amount to a rebuttal, the good works carried out by GFA do not in any way give a licence for preaching a false Gospel.<br />
The Yohannan family are not all they seem to be.