Life of the Believer

Here again, it's another day.

I thank and acknowledge God for yet another DAWN.

But God knows, life has its times when i wonder what's all this trifling struggle and disappointment all about?

'Then i remember many are called but few are chosen'

a life destined for greatness always has a unique testimony that gives the creator all the glory.

B'cuz that's what it's all about.


many blessings!

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I also am a believer with a story on the ways God becomes the potter on some individuals for His use.

Amen!<br />
Yes I survived abuse over 21 years, needless to say it was physical, sexual, emotional and mental and I too questioned the Lord over and over when I was going through all of the pain and suffering. And he never left my side; that is where I gained strength from. <br />
Now after re-dedicating my life to him I see that he never left me nor did he forsake me. I was so lost in the world that I had to hit rock bottom to see he was the only one there for me all along. Many friends will tell you they will be there for you and they won't. And as you grow closer to the Lord you will see those same friends will distance themselves from you once again if they do not share the same values and love for the Lord as you do.<br />
I give all the HONOR and GLORY to GOD... For I am forgiven and reborn.

Amen ~!~ and Hallelujah

God indeed deserves all the glory and He gives us testimonies to share so that He can be glorified. I am only too happy to oblige. ;)

I have been through hell . As a Christian I asked God where he was in all of it, He said He led me out of hell. He did'nt leave me there:>)

wOw, very powerful :) thanks for sharing..

Not at all The Way you are totally qualified!! The smallest thing comes from God. <br />
I read a book in two days called KISS by Ted Decker, amazing writer! But the end of the book quotes the scrpture about the Isarilites (spelled that wrong) and he explains how God doesn't want us to remember are hard times and pain as dark areas of our lifef but as the times He walked with us or carried us. Loved the book!


Then continue to give God glory. Study the word, live by it and it\'ll come.

So true. I think it is easy to get into the habit of exspecting life to good and easy. It is so easy to question the bad and forget to say thank you to God for the blessings. I regularly...daily....have to remond myself to wait on God. When we wait on Him He renews our strength so we can serve Him.

I Agree, there are times we all don't understand things in life,, but one thing is for sure, God holds us all in his hands and I can say without him, I am nothing. cause he sure has been good to me. I give all the praise to him and I Love Him for it... god bless!