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My Christian "experience" has been a learning process fro the first time I responded to the word of God. The first time, I was in middle school. Just another Sunday morning going to church with my mom and sister at our family church. I don't remember the message or anything, but I know it had to come out of the Book of Revelations. The pastor asked who wanted to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and spend eternity in heaven avoiding hell. I remember my mom asking if I wanted to and me saying yeah, I asked her if she was coming with me and she said no. She sent me up and I did it. The pastor had me repeat some things and then turned me around and look at and face the church. Everybody was excited. My granny hugged me as I walked back to my seat.

The ride home was filled with my mom telling my what I couldn't do anymore; no more lies, no more stealing and talking back were the three things that I remember her saying to me. Those were my three biggest issues at the time. That was it. I wasn't talked to about it again. I did get my first Bible around that time.

Needless to say, i went through that a few times again, once in high school and a couple of times as a young adult.

With all that, I would have to say that I really got it; what it meant to be a "Christian" some time ago during my own personal study time. And now understanding that "Christianity" is a result of a lifestyle of "following after Christ".first
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Thank-you for sharing - it's a wonderful life living through the Lord. He is there for us through adversities and joys in our lives. All we have to do is love Him and trust in Him...<br />
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amen it is a learning experiance for me too