A State Of Transition

Life hurts, God heals..-Traci Walden

My life is in a state of transition right now as I am getting ready to move into a new home, yet again, and getting ready to start formal missionary training. To add to that, I am getting ready to start home schooling my "baby" in August. All three are signs of God growing me, preparing me, and using me for His kingdom but alas, change is scary and can sometimes hurt when you move away from the old and into the new. To top it off, my son has turned 18 and is walking down a path leading away from God and I am trying to move into a place of whole hearted trust that God will save my son as I learn to release him into my Father's loving arms. As I write this I pray that my words don't flood out without direction. I always intend to inspire and reach out to the hurting, even when I am one of the hurting.

I am convinced that part of the reason I am feeling uncomfortable is because my plans for the future are actually coming to pass and underneath the excitement and joy there is fear. A part of me fears "going for it" because for so many years I just dreamt of success, never really experienced it. I never wanted anything out of life that was truly unattainable, it was just so far off in the future. To actually start the training to become a missionary and not just dream about it is amazing, scary, and well, just "weird" I guess. I wanted my whole life to be a success as a child of God and do something worthwhile, I just didn't know what that was. Now I know that I must acquire formal training to do what God is asking me to do and so on March 13th,2012 I take the plunge and start Disaster Relief Worker Training thru the Red Cross. My far off dream is getting closer and scared or not, I am ready to start this journey.

Change sometimes hurts but God is with us. I know that there are people reading this who are in a state of transition in their lives too and I also know that sometimes looking forward requires us to confront our demons. We can almost become comfortable with the way things are because they are familiar, and at the same time KNOW we are supposed to act. If we are afraid of success, and many are, we can still move forward in courage. As I have said before, courage is not an absence of fear, it is moving forward in SPITE of the fear. So come on guys, let's leave our past hurts behind us, let God heal us and just go for it!! I, for one, intend to take my own advice, will you accompany me and let God heal you too? Will you venture out of your comfort zone and make YOUR dreams come true too?

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1 Response Mar 12, 2012

amen great teaching praying your missionary work and your homeschooling go well

thanks. will you please pray for my son, Tyler? He is a good kid making bad choices because he has so much pain inside...

i will pray for him