A Message/warning

I dreamt of a burnt out forest, there was a tree with a nest of crying baby birds in it.  It was like one of the parents flew near them but then flew off, they were hungry and scared.  

   I felt the Lord was telling me the baby birds were His children and they were hungry and scared because they weren't cared for.  They needed food, they needed to know God and how much He loves them and because of  that starvation the World was being destroyed.

    I felt like God was telling me/us that we needed to be more open in our faith life because those people are all around us.  By telling of God in my/our life, what He's done for us and how He's working in our lives.  In allowing God to shine through us they may hear of Him.  I know I'm going back and forth with I and us but I think the message was meant for more than just me.

Sometimes it's not by preaching but by living the Life that God touches someone else.

God Bless

Beatresca Beatresca
56-60, F
1 Response Mar 16, 2012

It is through the life we live that our light truly shines.