I'm christian but have a lot of stuggles walking right.I need to walk more in the spirit and less in the flesh.
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you're not alone my friend...i have this thing at the moment where it seems like I am a dog going back to it's own vomit. I have really bad coping mechanisms where I take medication to make me feel better but then I get condemned for it which makes me feel bad. So then I take medication for that! Stupid hey. It's what they call the vicious circle. I know better - but my actions don't line up with what I believe. Anyway...i am rambling. I just wanted to say...I need to walk in the Spirit more would solve a lot of drama!!

Welcome to the club.

My battle is with pride more than anything else I think... been celibate 7 years and doing ok with that but as soon as I feel pride then that sucks

Please don't feel alone in your feelings. I'm also having issue with carnality. I will never not be in need of Gods help.