As I look back on my rebirth, the day God saved my soul, I must say my life changed, the grass was greener and the flowers were more beautiful the wind blew with his voice in my ear. I starved to hear more of this man called Jesus, I fell in love, desperately and forever in love. I may not be the picture of a perfect christian, and I may not be what the holy ones in my church expect me to be. I am what God molded me to be. I have not  stopped smoking, and the church looks down on me real bad for this nasty habit. But God knows my heart, who I am my thoughts all about the soul of who I am. And he said he loved me any way.
He has showed me miracles, he has took my hand,  you see his love for me is real and my love and praise for him I can't describe. I fall short every day, and every day I beg for forgiveness. But my God and I have a wonderful relationship I fall asleep taking to him, and I wake up talking to him. I don't hear his voice every day, but I feel his spirit, my daily prayer Create in me O God, a clean spirit. we must worship in spirit because that is the truth left out so often in modern religion. I am not religious I am spiritual. 
when I pull up every one knows the love of my life is Jesus Christ, they know I don't judge em are shun em, they call me when they got a problem, if they call and say pray for me, I pray...
I am a sinner yet I am heaven bound, and on the day I meet my maker I believe after I fall to my knees and shed the last tears he will look at me and say my child!!!!!!
Because Jesus did not shed his blood, and give the sacrifice of him self in vain. He is my king and my savior. I hope you know this man, this God because he loves you so.... no other will ever know you and love you in spite of yourself. 
Yes I am a Christian, this is the one thing I am sure of, Jesus is my Savior.
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amen great testimony