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New Thought: While the majority of people may be unable to define New Thought, hundreds of thousands are increasingly becoming influenced by it. New Thought actually is a broad term which covers numerous ideologies, all of which can be filed under the even broader term of metaphysics, and covers esoteric concepts like self-fulfilling prophecy, psychosomatic illness, the placebo effect, and the belief that whatever you send out into the world comes back to you. However reducing it to it’s essentials, New Thought very simply believes that your thoughts play a crucial role in the kind of life you experience… a higher power resides in each individual and that positive thinking and words activate that power, and in turn results in positive consequences.

Although most of them do not use the term New Thought, it is the cornerstone for most of the formulas for happy and successful living and espoused by virtually all of the success and motivational gurus. Norman Vincent Peale’s Positive Thinking, Clement Stone’s Positive Mental Attitude, Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Robert Schuller’s Possibility Thinking, Charles Capps’ Positive Confession, and Oral Roberts’ seed-faith principles are all examples of New Thought..

However most New Thought devotees either leave God out of the formula (ascribing events to love, the cosmos, etc) For example.. In an excerpt from Science of Mind publications, the Centre for Spiritual Living says the reason The Science of Mind has changed the lives of many thousands of people is its presentation of

“…a specific method by which anyone, at any level of understanding, may relate consciously to the Creative Life Force of the universe—to "The Thing Itself"—for the purpose of achieving whatever constructive objective is desired... with the explicit understanding that no one need be limited by their past experience. Health, abundance, security, love, peace, and happiness are regarded as being the natural state of every person, and therefore within the immediate grasp of all who apply certain elementary principles of clear thinking and sincere intent”. []

Having reduced God to a Universal Impersonal Principle… “The Thing” that can be utilized according to scientific laws, the creature has become the Creator! [See More on New Thought]

Word of Faith: is the belief that faith works like a mighty power or force. Through faith we can obtain anything we want — health, wealth, success, etc. However, this force is only released through the spoken word. As we speak the words of faith, power is discharged to accomplish our desires. It take but half an eye to see the similarities between the two doctrines, however since the Word Faith group claim to be Christian they have to “Christianize” the concepts and somehow add God into the mixture. But since the Biblical God does not fit this mold, they completely reinvent Him in an image that conforms to their beliefs, teaching that the power of faith is a force… one that can even twist God’s arm. [See More on Word of Faith]

New Age, on the other hand, is an umbrella term for a wide range of personal and individual beliefs and practices influenced primarily by Eastern religions, paganism, and spiritism. A predominant teaching is that we are all divine and fully connected to God without need of any mythical redemptive works of Christ. [See Overview of The New Age]

One Common Thread that runs through both New Thought and the Word of Faith doctrine is the teaching that people can reach and understand of some type of secret knowledge, which lies beyond [or above] the range of normal or merely physical human experience.

This article though not exhaustive will give the seeker of a perspective not normally found in this group, for the keen student it will require time to digest and those interested can read on from the following link as the information and charts would not fit here.

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