Christian In The Uk-2012

Not many attend Church in the UK now, attendance is in decline and has been in decline for 40 years now, many Churches have shut down and many have been turned into theme pubs or other things it is so sad,you will all miss them when it is to late and they are all gone.
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Very well said. I live in Swindon and there is a very thriving church community here

That is a pity. Sadly the NOS episode probably didn't help. Do you link up with the Chuch Army at all? The have moved their college from London to Sheffield now and may be keen to support you in local evangelism / pastoral work.

Good for you, I am sure that they will be more than happy to help

We need to pray for a great revival in the UK, like in the 18th century. Is your husband an Anglican minister?

This link may be of some value.<br />
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Turning churches into theme pubs?? It's disgusting.

Don't know which church you're going to. We've doubled in size. Jesus reached out, related and loved people. Many churches forget that simple principle! <br />

That is very sad to hear from here in the US. We have some denominations that have seen some decline, but many others have flourished in recent years. In some areas of this country there are huge mega-churches which I don't particularly care for. <br />
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I have recently begun attending an Episcopal church that is very accepting of the LBGT community and it is a growing congregation.

I agree with you it is a disgrace they are shutting down all over the Country.<br />
Scotland has been badly affected with Church closures.

To which extent … if I may ask? I am not Scottish, I have never been to Scotland – blame me! - so I am somewhat lost here. Sadly, the Church of Scotland website has even got a link to „properties for sale“. Yes, it's a disgrace but we are marooned in a debased culture … Alas, going to church in jeans shows we have lost respect. That matters …, not the jeans. The decline in church attendance is a European phenomenon – like a virus. Nevertheless not all churches are empty … even in Scandinavia – -. God's ways are mysterious.

It is very sad the decline of membership and the demise of so many Church Buildings in Britain, the population will miss them when they are gone.