At The Cross


We were trying to make time to go to Hawaii and were driving across the country near Weatherford, OK a few years ago. The clouds were an ugly threatening color and the air pregnant with doom settling around us. The station wagon roof made sucking noises like being inside a can being slowly squashed. We stopped at a little Cherokee ***** Restaurant and ordered some buffalo burgers so my kids could taste some and get a hint of their americanindian. The burgers were dry and nasty and the waitress ran by yelling about a tornado warning... There was a loud crashing whistle like a freight train overhead and we prayed to Jesus we would be okay. Going outside, we saw the interstae highway GONE! The tornado had made its own road! Dirt and crumpled semis littered the road debris of dreams. two semis smashed with drivers bloody and broken dolls hanging at odd angles. What was it like to run into a tornado? hit it head on? To make time and then run out of time? Thank God we had stopped tp pray! We got in the station wagon and started bucking the wind eating all our gas. I had to hang onto the wheel tight as it was almost wrenched from me, ******* the wagon like a crowhopping horse. I could not take much more of this! I saw in the distance a cross and thought it must be a town where i could get gas. the empty light was on and we prayerd and drove for miles and finally limped into a little town with one room left at a local hotel. It was early morning and dark now and I was dead beat and collapsed on the bed after getting some gas. When it was lighter and time to check out, I took my keys to the checkout and saw some postcards. Welcome To Groom Texas! It went on about how you can see that cross for miles and about Jesus being the bridegroom of the church. We had made it and found grace and rest in time of need, at the cross!

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Yup! Glad you liked my old story. It sure was scary at the time! jo

amen great on old route 66 now i40