Do Not Download Dailybiblestudy, Dailybibleguide, Or Knowthebible Extension--Malware Warning!

I almost made a big mistake by downloading something called DailyBibleGuide off an EP ad on the right side of the page. At the last second I saw the word "toolbar" and that raised flags in my mind. I remembered my misery in dealing with something called "Babylon Toolbar", which I'm still wrestling with even tonight. (See EP Link So I did a search on "Is DailyBibleGuide malware?" I came up with a pretty interesting article from which I excerpt :

"But there’s one product that IAC/FunWebProducts distributes that we were not aware of until yesterday. It’s called DailyBibleStudy toolbar. We found out about it after scheduling an appointment with a lady who was constantly being bombarded by popup every time she opened Windows Live Mail and sometimes her browser.

...Still we couldn’t explain the popups that appeared when she opened Windows Live Mail. We knew there had to be adware or spyware or malware lurking — but we saw nothing unusual going on in her computer’s processes or services. We’ve repaired so many computers by now we can usually tell by looking at processes and services if malware is the problem. But other than DailyBibleStudy and DailyBibleGuide – we saw nothing out of the ordinary. What kind of scumbag company would lure users into installing malware using The Bible? IAC/FunWebProducts – that’s who."

They ran Malwarebytes and it implicated DailyBibleGuide.

"We’ve repaired over 200 computers and we’ve seen the problems IAC’s FunWebProducts, MyWebSearch and its other software causes.... We’ve seen the damage and the problems IAC’s software bundles can cause."

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Thanks I was just about to download it until I read your article

You're welcome. How did you find my article, by Google search or something else?

thank you very important information

I think it's a better idea to check and see if something is offered on before downloading it.