Please Lord Equip Me With Your Armor

Lord let me show them and lead a prime example, for this whole system layout needs to be tottaly dismantled the mases are in shambles, give me courage and strong will for I pray to make the rest of my days leading all I can in your way and teach these people the one and only way Your way and allow me to make this sacrifice for I was a living zombie and did not see but you have given me life ever so gracefully way please lord it is only you who I obey for all of these peoples soul; I shall forever pray and lead a word filled path of how to it is only you and by your grace that has put us here in the first place I am dieing to to this only for you and your love and compassion that has awoken me from disgrace I can not stand how we are on this place I hate my life and myself people hurt each other liying to even their wives there is no truth anywhere I do not even know what to think or believe we all lie cheat and deceive I can not even believe my own thoughts for I have even deceived me God please allow me to lead this resolution before it become it becomes a war of revoultion forgive me for being selfish and ungrateful all the time its just we need a solution I will do what I can I will spread your holy word through all of this land Lord I love you and want to show you how grateful I want to be I am forever yours and want to worship you faithfully and let go of this sin that has a hold all over me and am so lost and blind your love is their everyone sees it but me amen
Seventhirty457 Seventhirty457
31-35, M
1 Response May 8, 2012