I Am Going To Raise My Children Up In The Lord

My children are sinners what can I say, they don't know much when it comes to right from wrong so my best friend suggested that I raise them up in the Lord, I am a Christian I was saved much later in life and have only learned so much so I don't have all of the answers as to raising my children up right for my beloved parents were workaholics or in abusive relationships and never had time for us because their boyfriends or girlfriends were their priority not us, well it may have seemed that way to me, maybe they tried their best the best way they knew how, but I don't remember being brought up in the way that I should go. I do remember some spankings and I know that if you spare the rod you spoil the child, but the bible also says to raise our Children up from infancy in the faith and honestly I haven't been doing that, I was only concerned about my salvation and my mental illness, I am so sorry I tried my best but my best wasn't good enough, so I found a church that was family oreientated, they have a fabulous Sunday school program, three classes geared to 3 year olds to grade twelve, and I am sooooo happy that someone who knows what they are doing is going to help me. My problem is that I have to do alot of back peddling for my oldest twin boys are thirteen sure they know how to pray, and they know that Jesus is God's only begotten son but they don't know Him and what he reqires of us Jesus came to show us the way the truth and the life, I love him from my heart for that but I want to worship Him and I want my children to do the same, for if they have worship in their hearts they would never feel alone or depressed for if we worshipped God those happy hormones would be stimulating our brains and souls. Not only that but they would hopefully honor me so that they may live long in the Land that God has promised, I want them to be innocent and forgiven for when they make mistakes, but I don't want them going out and committing any crimes or even harming themselves, I don't want them to beat themselves up and develop some mental illness like me, I want them to be free in the Lord, knowing right from wrong and becoming the men and women that God created them to be hard workers good parents and showing love by serving one another not sleeping with others. This is my starting point, it will take me a lifetime to teach them, I know I know I've heard it all before not to shuv the bible down our childrens throats, I won't do that they all love church but I would like to teach them a thing or two in a bible study and encourage them to do bible studies on their own, I want to teach them that they can be all that they want to be and still be a child of God fully equipped against the devils attacks in life, Lord Jesus I am offering up all four of my children up to you I will learn to be the godly mother that you want me to be, may we suceed in having them carry own in you when they leave the nest Amen. Lord lead them near not further.
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