The First Followers Of Christ

Christ was born a Jew, lived as a Jew and died as a Jew. He was versed in the Torah for the scriptures mentioned that people were amazed at the knowledge he had when discussing topics concerning the commandments of Moses. The first followers of Jesus were Jews who believed he Was the Messiah. The Last Supper was the Passover. Christianity was formally adopted the Roman Emperor Constantine as the official religion of Rome. This was probably done for political reasons since by then the followers of Christ had risen to important positions in Roman society and Constantine needed to establish order and stability.

I believe in the human aspects of Christ and am not really concerned about the complex doctrines about him. In him was a simple man who changed the world. To him I am devoted not to Rome or Constantinople. Churches are the handiwork of men but the heart is the domain of Christ.
TutmoseIII TutmoseIII
66-70, M
May 10, 2012