Ufos And The Occult

When people search for something to fill a spiritual void, ufos are one of many things that provide material to draw on. For the same reason that people are fascinated by any type of paranormal activity, they are entranced by the very idea of ufo phenomena. People are often willing to associate strange occurrences with ufos, which leads to a lot of assumptions about the unexplained or unexplainable around the world. Once that happens, it is just a matter of time before faiths built on ufo mysteries tend to elevate the unexplained to a religious level. This is when it truly becomes spiritually dangerous.
The people involved in ufo cults are not always unintelligent, but they do tend to become blinded to reality. Many of the cult members or leaders are very intelligent and well educated. What this proves is that intellectualism does not fill the spiritual void in the hearts of humans. We crave more and more all the time. The only thing that can fill that void and leave us satisfied is God. The occult is a band-aid over that void, while the Holy Spirit is the surgeon that can fix it permanently.
The most common type of ufo sighting is simply a moving ball of light, generally seen at night. It is no coincidence that this is also the most common type of spirit or ghost sighting - a colored orb of light that moves. In either case this is an occult phenomena that defies conventional explanation. Whether someone joins a ufo cult, a new age cult, or a spiritism or other paranormal based cult or religion, the end result is the same - that individual is denying God, which is just what the devil wants them to do. That, combined with the fact that the sightings are more common in conjunction with other occult phenomena and rituals, leads me to believe that these lights are demonic in nature. This assessment does not necessarily apply to other types of sightings. Another commonality between ufo phenomena and ghost or spirit phenomena is the disruption of electrical equipment, whether it is a car radio or the lights in your house.
There are simply too many sightings for these phenomena to be fake. While many - upwards of ninety percent - are explainable naturally, there is a remainder that cannot be either fraudulent or explained. It is their exact nature, not whether or not they exist, that is debated.
VincentValentine VincentValentine
31-35, M
May 12, 2012