I Am Christian

I attend church every Sunday and read the Bible.  I love doing what's right and not doing bad things.  I enjoy denying myself as discussed by Jesus (not doing the bad things I would do). 

I believe there is an emphasis on loving other people.  I naturally think loving other people is most important (besides loving God), and several scriptures state this idea.  I want to be very compassionate and have empathy and sympathy.  I'm somewhat that way.  I want to love my enemies, and if someone has hated me I just hope that he/she would stop hating me and I would like to be an acquaintance or friend later, and I like not getting mad about when someone mistreats me somehow; I'm forgiving this way.  I know I probably can't lose every single enemy.  I don't believe in arguing angrily (I'm very patient, anyway) or attacking someone verbally otherwise.  (Besides, the way my speech is, I can't yell.)  I am strongly anti-war, but I support the troops.

For many New Testament scriptures about good/bad personality traits or practices, I naturally feel/think the idea and agree with the scriptures.  I love God and accept God's will and difficulties I have to go through in this life.


MDenise MDenise
31-35, F
May 12, 2012