Losing Faith And Hope

Does God really hear our prayers and does He even care? Honestly I'm starting to lose my faith and hope. My situation is still crappy...been unemployed a year a month and now 14 days. Was in the hospital have HUGE medical bills that I can't pay and oh yeah did I mention that I didn't qualify for the county medical assistance yet again because get this,  I make too much money being unemployed. It's a joke because I'm on the Federal extension that President Obama gave that the Republicans reduced in a means to be well mean.

Now I'm just waiting to see if and when I will get the letter telling me that I no longer qualify for unemployment. I've looked and prayed and looked some more and can't find a job. Sad thing is that the one prayer I have been praying God doesn't want to answer so honestly why am I still around if  I'm living in a consistent state of stress and depression over my situation.

I can't even read the Bible anymore and feel any comfort and how freakin sad is that? I'm tired and I give up.
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I was watching the following video, and I thought of you. It is an interview with Steve McVey. The title is The Father Gets A Bad Rap. I hope your peace, joy, and hope will soon be restored, Caramelicious.<br />
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How funny that you posted that link as thats the denomination I grew up in.

Could it be doubt, bitterness, or unforgiveness is hindering you from receiving what you are asking for from God. Read Mark 11:22-26. Try and pick up your Bible at least one more time and get back into believing God instead of being angry with Him. He has something you want, unless of course you truly believe you are better off without Him. <br />
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Giving up on believing in God and making statements like Does he even care?" only get you out of grace and give demonic forces full range over your situation.The devil loves bitter Christians. You really do not want God to take His hand off of you. Even if you do not feel it or cannot see it, it does not mean it is not there. That is living by sight and not by faith anyway. Faith is what pleases God. <br />
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Can you even bother to give Him thanks for anything in your life right now? I understand you're feeling powerless and abandoned, stop feeding on that. You are biting the hand which sustains you. Your heart is not in a good place. <br />
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I wish I could say changing your attitude, getting out of bitterness, doubt, and unforgiveness will bring you your job. I cannot say that. I am not God, but He does say in His Word that we can hinder our receiving the blessings He wants to give us. Could it be you are in the way of receiving your blessing? Could it be you have so much angry chatter going on that you can not hear Him telling you what to do? In all the time you spent in church, did you never learn who has the power to save you and who has the power to destroy you. Who truly loves you and who only wants to mess with your life. <br />
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Why are you giving the demonic forces the victory in your life? Why aren't you praising God in the midst of your circumstance? Why have you given up? Because you are tired, you say. You have given up the fight of faith. So what will you do now? You have no job. You denounced God. If you do not need Him now, I guess you never did and never will. <br />
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You are blessed in comparison to my situation, Caramelicious, and Job had it worse than all of us combined. At the end of his horrific circumstances, Job received more than he had lost because he did not speak badly of God, and he did not give up his faith. Be thankful for what you have, and ask God to forgive you for your attitude and words. You are risking making your life worse than you could ever imagine.

Now why would you say, think or assume that I will fall out of Grace because I'm pissed off at God. I understand what you are saying but I think that you need to look into perichoresis.(Google it) and read the book The Shack and also research Baxter Kruger to understand about why I can say what I have said and why I have not fallen out of grace or possibly falling out of grace by being angry with God.

Again I never said I denounced God...honestly you need to pay attention and re-read what I have said. You are the vary reason why some people turn away from Christianity....you're preachy AND seemingly condescending. I appreciate what you are trying to do but honestly your approach is off putting.

I read all of your replies, Caramelicious, and I am not surprised at your reply to my response to you. Forgive me for being off putting, condescending, or preachy in your sight. I guess you do not see your posts as being offending and prideful to others. I love our Triune God, and it is hurtful to read your words. I was not intending to be hurtful in my reply, but to redirect you toward the truth. Maybe your attitude is getting in the way of your success.
My post did not assume anything. How can you be under grace when you stop trusting in the grace giver? As for perichoresis, it is not a one sided fellowship or indwelling, and as it applies to the Body of Christ that oneness includes a mutual respect and love just as it is between the Trinity. Your words, "does He even care?", "His will is for me to feel like a failure with no prospect of hope..." and "Yeah it says that God will never give us more than we can handle but I feel like that is bullshit..." are a few of the reasons why I said what I said about grace and denouncing God. What you wrote in your post and especially your replies does not line up with the mutual love and respect of perichoresis. If Kruger’s writings give you the right to be angry with God then that is your belief. I do not believe that, and I put no man’s book above the scriptures.

It appears, by your responses, that only those who commiserate with you are worthy of not receiving your biting tongue. I hope you emerge from your circumstances back on track to the life you have always prayed for. Again, I apologize for having added fuel to your fire of anger, and I forgive you for lashing out at me and for generalizing my response to turning off the masses. God meets everyone where they are at, and there are reasons why different approaches exist. All approaches do not work for all people. Quite honestly, I did not expect you to receive my reply well, and I do not believe you when you say, "I appreciate what you are trying to do..." Those words contradict everything you said before it. The people who have replied to you are trying to give you wise counsel.

Sophora I am really and truly sorry for what and how I responded to you. I still stand by what I said yesterday regarding your comments to me. Again you misunderstood what I was trying to say when I mentioned perichoresis or Baxter Kruger. As this is the written and not spoken word things to or can get lost in the translation so to speak. I feel that yes I and every other Christian has a right to be mad at God and that we will not fall out of Grace. God is larger than me or you and trust me I know He can take us being angry with Him. The one and only relationship in my life where I feel like I can be 100% me without judgement is with God. I will never....well try not to ever lie to Him because he sees me 24/7/365.

As far as you not believing my words well that is on you because I do and did appreciate it...didn't really like it but do appreciate and appreciated them. Not that I owe you any explanations but I am giving you one or some rather.

I'm sorry to hear about this.<br />
But don't lose faith. I know it's easy to start to view God as the genie of the bible when we go through hard times, but the truth is he is not. He doesn't exist to make our lives easy, God doesn't exist for our purpose, but we exist to glorify him.<br />
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I don't have a job either, I'm not qualified to have one because i don't have the right paperwork. and i'm not allowed to go to school yet. same reason. i have been in this situation since i graduated high school. most people my age would think it is a dream to not have to go to school or work, but it's a nightmare. i'm a burden to my family especially my father whose minimum wage job supports 7 people. in addition to that he is studying to get a doctorate. what kills me is that I could be working full time and help him pay the bills but i am stuck at home, not because i want to but because i have no other choice. <br />
I have been praying for God to help us out of this situation, but like you, it seemed that I was on God's naughty list for a while. But then I realized (through studying God's word) that I was praying for the wrong thing. Instead of praying for an easier path, I should have been praying for God's will to happen in my life. and that was a very difficult thing to do at that time. I kept asking myself "how do I trust God, when i am going through a time like this?" it was almost impossible for me.<br />
Gd answered my question, through more study of the bible. God is our creator. his word brought the universe into existence, and his word brought life into it. he has the power to turn my life around, all he has to do is say it. <br />
God is not bound by time, he knows our future and he knows the plans he has for my life and yours. If only we will continue to trust him with our lives, even when his plans don't match our expectations.<br />
He has promised us in his word that he will use all things to ultimately work out for our benefit, if we love him and trust him (Romans 8:28). ALL THINGS, including the hard situation you are going through, God will use to build you up in some way. Just trust him as job trusted God when he lost everything.

Um yeah thanks for that and what you said. I am sorry about you and your family's situation but I've never thought of God as a magic genie and I do ask for His will to be done in my life. Apparently His will is for me to feel like a failure with no prospect of hope so can I get an AMEN to that?! So it's bene my benefit to get sick and have medical bills I can pay? And it's for my benefit to owe the IRS and not really have money to pay that as well? WOW um ok thanks for that information.

I'm not angry with you I'm angry with God and I'm tired of my situation. I'm just tired and tired of being tired and tired of being depressed over my situation with no joy or hope.


praying for you

Thanks but you're just one of the many who say they are praying and still my situation is not improving. At this point I don't even care or want to care. God won't allow me to die as I keep waking up so apparently He's keeping me around for His enjoyment much to my misery.