When I was 2 my mom died, Dad got re-married except when I was 7 he died also. My step mom was re-married, on my birthday. 20 years later, on the same day, he was killed in a car accident. Without my faith, I would not be where I am now. I can face anything and be strong. It shows in who I am and how I carry myself. I have a saying - When I die, I know I am going to heaven. So earth must be my hell and you know what? Sometimes, hell is not that bad.
I am blessed with a great loving wife and beautiful child. My job is a dream for me. Without Christ in my life, I would not have nor would I be who I am today.
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Hold on tight to your good faith my friend. And u will never be disappointed at the end. God bless and keep u safe for the wonderful place being prepared for u. Amen