Inherited Faith?

I was lucky to be brought up by God-fearing parents. they made me go to church every sunday and discouraged me from having bad friends. we had family bible studies from time to time and i was baptized at 11.
But all of this was just an inheritance of my parents faith.  i never had a relationship with Jesus until i had questions and did some research a few years ago.
some may say that christians are only christians because their parents  were christians, and they may be right to some extent. but one thing that i have noticed is that the christians that i know who were not brought up in the faith are usually much more passionate about Jesus than people like me who've been around the christian community all my life.

JackBauerWithaMagicCarpet JackBauerWithaMagicCarpet
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Interesting observation from a young person and very incisive.<br />
The term Christian has so many meanings and varieties as to be confusing to say the least, it would make matters more clearer if we tried to be followers of Jesus than followers of institutionalised Christianity, Jesus will come back for an organism not an organistaion.