I Need To Stay Close

I am a 13 year old Christian child that has been raised in a Christian home my whole life. My dad is a pastor, and my mother has also been raised in a Christian home. Right now I have been receiving pressure from school and athletic teams from people that are trying to get me to break away from Christ. I honestly want to have a good relationship with the lord, but it is just hard. I want to talk to my dad about it, but I am just too embarrassed, thus the reason I made this account. I feel myself slipping farther and farther away from God, and I am just trying to get back. People at school tell me that I am too young, and that I can wait until I am older. I know that what they say is wrong and that you can never be too young to form a relationship with God. Sometimes, It is not like I am completely cut off from God, I just know that I don't read my bible like I used to, and I don't pray the way I used to. I pray to God for help, but it feels as if he is not listening.(Please understand that I am not saying that this is God's fault.) It just feels like God is not listening to me because I am a sinner.
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

If they are saying you should stay away from the Lord in those same words, they are not being good advisers, because being a Christian shouldn't interfere with your schoolwork or hobbies. So in that aspect you are free to be as spiritual as you please.<br />
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I know that being a teenager is difficult and that you are trying to find yourself. You are figuring out what kind of relationship you want with God. You can join a youth group for Christian and find other teenagers with your same interests and faith. It will help you focus and let your faith grow. Channel those doubts by questioning them. Good luck and God bless you!

Yo are certainly in a tight corner for someone so young, i can imagine that it would be difficult to talk to your father, do you have any brothers or sisters?<br />
The pressure you feel from those around you will try and pull you in a direction that will cause you to question things about your beliefs, if your father Pastors a reasonable largewcongregation he would be very busy with others and sometimes the family of Pastors do suffer.<br />
Children of Pastors do not always have an easy ride as they are living in a goldfish bowl most of the time because as soon as they do something out of place the whole world knows about it. You are not too young to have a relationship with God and we all sin at times i am sure others will want to give some advice so i will leave it there and in closing say that stay in prayer because god knows your situation.