John 11:35

I just recently got back from my church's Wednesday evening bible study, and I love them partly because we get into some of the most thought provoking conversations. The one that stood out the most to me was the question:

Why do you think Jesus wept as He stood before Lazarus' tomb?

Usually when I've thought about it before, I look back at the previous verses in the chapter and think about how he loved Lazarus and felt compassion for Mary and Martha. But we had another answer tonight that just stood out and I wanted to share it with everyone. Here it is:

"Jesus wept because he knew that while the purpose of this event was to bring his Father glory, and he knew that Lazarus would be resurrected in just a few moments, he also knew that those he loved and cherished had to go through so much pain and suffering in order to bring his Father glory."

Christians know that God allows us to go through trials and hardships, but after tonight, I find comfort in the fact that we have an Advocate, a High Priest, a God, a Friend who weeps with us when we suffer for his glory. If God allows us to go through something it is for our benefit, even if we can't see the big picture. Actually, we normally don't see the big picture because we're in the middle of everything, so we need to trust God who is in control.
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He was also sad, I believe, for the lack of faith of those around Him. To be honest, to be in JesusĀ“ shoes was not easy!! He had to fight with His human emotions and still be God!! However, I love the fact that now, He can understands us!

I think Jesus could understand us before his incarnation, but now he has actually walked in our "shoes" so to speak and experienced what we do on a daily basis. Other than that I agree with everything else, thanks for the comment :)

amen great post

Jesus had human emmotions just like you and me.<br />
It's more like compassion for those that were mourning.<br />
Lazarus was also a close friend.<br />
Check out Luke 19: 41, I would say human emmotions when He was going to the cross.<br />
Get those pages dirty.<br />

I'm not saying he wasn't expressing emotion, I just thought that what was brought up offered an interesting look at another "facet" of his weeping.