Why Am I A Christian?

I am a Christian just because I am. Not really sure why I need to write a story about it as I have no need to explain it to anyone...but I decided to write a story for every group I am in so here goes.

I believe that being a Christian is not just about going to church, and hearing stories about God sending his only begotten little baby boy into this big bad world to be born and die for your sins, and accepting Jesus Christ as your savior... Being a Christian isn't just about putting on the T-shirt and going out into the crowds and proclaiming your faith...its about living it, even when you are doubting it.

I am a Christian because I am. Its what I was made to be. Its the most important thing I will do in my life. Its not a decision I made once, its a choice I make daily...and some days its harder than others, but then you can only imagine that God, and his son, must also have doubts about you on occassion when you drift into darkness...but if God and Christ can keep the faith, then you can too.
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May 17, 2012