Miracle for a Homeless Woman

While I was still studying, I got involved in a ministry for homeless people. We used to go out into the streets where a lot of homeless people lived and give them food once a week. One woman came to us and asked for prayer. She’d been living on the streets for a while and didn’t know which way to turn, so was considering prostitution. None of us could really help her significantly at the time, so we prayed for her that night.

The following week the same woman returned, with an immediately noticeable difference about her. She said the night we prayed, God spoke to her in a dream. He told her to go to someone's home who was looking for a housekeeper. She’d gone to visit the home, where she found the person and got the job.

That week we prayed for her again, this time for her to be reunited with her long lost son. She'd given him up for adoption when he was younger because she couldn’t afford to support him. Again God spoke to her in a dream and told her that her son was in a specific prison. She went to visit the prison the next day and found things exactly as in her dream.

God still performs miracles today ...
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Inspiring story!