An Answered Prayer For My Day To Day Work

When I first started working as an engineer, one of my projects involved designing an algorithm to control an air compressor. I chose to use a specific type of algorithm called a "PID" controller. At university we’d learnt how to do these controllers at a mathematical level, but I didn’t have an intuitive feel for how to change the algorithm values to get the system to do what I needed it to do. For this particular problem, it would have been impossible to calculate the algorithm without getting some results by experiment first. What I needed was a graphical, practical way to experiment, and try a few combinations of inputs to see what response I got from the system.

At the time I didn’t know what I was going to do, so I prayed to God for help in my job. The next day my boss sent me to run an errand for him, collecting a measurement device for an unrelated project. I picked up the device and had it on my table initially before he came back to the office. Being curious, I opened the box to see what was inside ...

As I opened the box, the manual for the device dropped onto my table and opened to a random page. The page to which it opened contained a series of graphs, explaining in a practical, graphical way exactly how each PID algorithm value influences the system response. My exact question was answered in the finest detail, within a day of my prayer ...
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3 Responses May 19, 2012

Man that is so awesome. A good reminder to me that praying specifically gets specifically answered prayers! Yay God!

That's so true. God is awesome!

It's great to see people like you here

that's GREAT :D :D :D