The Nuns Amazing Story

First of all I know of a nun w lives in Mexico she receives messages from jesus. This is true because the Pope asked her a question in another language asking her to answer correctly with the help of Jesus. She answered right.
She has many stories some scary some relieving. These are zone things I've heard she had said.
1. God only created humans there are no such thing as aliens.
2. Dinosaurs are extinct because they didn't fit in the arc.
3. A few years ago pontious pilot ( sorry if I misspelled his name) was accepted into heaven.
4. Do not be afraid. But the world has already started coming to an end. On that day Jesus will lay his children to a peaceful sleep. And prepare for that day. Repent. And love God.

Sorry if I freaked you out but I had to share.
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1 Response May 20, 2012

People that say they speak to Jesus and then have such things as you have written here prove beyond any doubt that we are living in the last days.<br />
We have regular contributors here that talk to Jesus or Mary or both, for Catholics this would not offer any problems, for those of us that rely on the Bible such stories are just that, stories.Why not seek our Savior for salvation and be lead by His Spirit and not fables. Dinosaurs are extinct because thay didn't fit in the ark!! is this a joke.