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I'm Christian because I just am. I don't know why. I honestly don't know the difference between being a Christian and a Catholic. Sometimes I just wish there wasn't groups to define what we believe. It's confusing to explain. Like, why fight and judge others on their religion? That's what causes most Genocides and Ethnic Cleansings. Why can't we just get along and be normal. You don't have to fight just because of someone's belief. Or think differently of them, because of it. We do have our own state of opinion. We shouldn't have to feel bad about saying what we believe. I believe in God, with all my heart. Entirely. He has answered my prayers. I talk to him as if he was next to me. I tell him my problems and how greatful I am of him. If you don't believe in God, that's your choice and opinion. And I'm fine with that. You have your reasons. I may wonder why, and question it, as you might do the same with me. As long as your happy with your choice, then that's all that matters.

When I'm sad and upset, I pray to God. He's the one I know for sure will hear me on out and listen to everything I have to say. He's the one that will always be there for me at any time, any place, and about anything. He's the one that always believes in me and makes sure I don't give up. He's the one that understands me and will talk to me no matter how small the reason is. He's the one that will... be by my side at all costs and will make sure I'm okay at all times. He's the one that puts the light back into my eyes, the color back into my heart, and the smile back on my face. He's my Best Friend, my Savior, and my God. He's the one I tell everybody about. He's my everything. I love him. (Came from the words of myself, from the heart)
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Well written.

Why do you believe in Mary?

Re jvcs.<br />
I clearly stand by what i said, your trials and tribulations and being able to overcome them you attribute to God, i have no right to take that away from you, i will close by saying this that no adulterer will make it into the Kingdom of God.

If you don't know why your a Christian then you have a lot of learning to do, still you are very young and time is on your side.<br />
True Christians are followers of Jesus and His teaching, yet you failed to even mention Him by name.Perhaps as you grow older the real meaning will come along if you seek Him with the right attitude, may that comfort and peace become a reality in your life.

I believe in God, Jesus, Mary and them. I think I'm a true Christian. But thank you for your opinion and thoughts towards me.