I Believe Indoctrinating Children With Evolution Is Child Abuse

The following book review and rebuttal will arm parents and grandparents when their children come home with a multitude of questions which need answers, it is a long study with many cross references from Biblical Creationists who are well qualified but a necessity in this day and age when evolution is clouding young minds and both sides need to shared.

Billions of years? Appraising the dangers
An online resource for rebutting the brazen indoctrination of children by the book
Billions of years, amazing changes
reviewed by David Catchpoole, Tas Walker, Don Batten and Jonathan Sarfati

Published: 22 May 2012(GMT+10)

The battle is clearly on to win young minds.

Hot on the heels of Richard Dawkins’ first children’s book (The Magic of Reality)1 comes Billions of years, amazing changes by Laurence Pringle.2

Pringle has written over a hundred books for young people about wildlife and nature, so it’s not surprising that he was the one commissioned to write this book. That’s right, his services were specifically engaged to put this book together. It was commissioned by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation in 2006, says Pringle in the Acknowledgements, as they “honored me with a fellowship to write about evolution for children.”

And Pringle had some high-powered help, it seems. Long-time anticreationist and anti-Christian Jerry Coyne is a Professor of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago. Coyne wrote the Foreword, and in his review of the book on his own and Dawkins’ websites, he also claims credit for guiding Pringle during the writing and editing process. Coyne recommends that this book should be given to 10–14-year-olds, while Dawkins’ Magic could be assigned to young people “a tad older”.

Train up a child …
As a strategy, the targeting of young people is clearly an effective one

As a strategy, the targeting of young people is clearly an effective one. Although it took almost 100 years after the publication of Origin of Species for evolutionary teaching to be introduced into schools in a systematic way, evolutionists have certainly made the most of their opportunities since the 1960s. And the fruit of that has become increasingly evident, both inside and outside the church. We see the greying (and ultimate disbanding) of many church congregations (because young people leave the church, mistakenly believing evolution is true).3,4 And in broader society we see the increasing lawlessness in the (formerly Christian) West.5,6,7,8

Responding to this, we have in recent years endeavoured to increase our output in the youth area (note in the right-hand sidebar the expanded range of children’s titles now available), with more in the ‘production pipeline’ on the way (while not ‘slowing down’ in the ‘adult’ areas at all—whether web, magazine, journal or books (e.g. Jonathan Sarfati’s comprehensive rebuttal of Dawkins’ Greatest Show bestseller and other recent CMI works).

Online Ready-Reference
There are numerous instances where Pringle’s assertions are utterly without foundation—even the direct opposite of the facts

To help counter the effects of Pringle’s Billions of years, this online resource (see table below) can function as a ready-reference for children, teachers and parents to draw upon to counter the falsehoods so slickly presented in his book. There are numerous instances where Pringle’s assertions are utterly without foundation—even the direct opposite of the facts. Sadly, we suspect many young people will be dangerously misled by the scientific-sounding assertions presented in the book’s glossy pages, so attractively laid out with beautiful illustrations.

Pringle’s Billions of years is fiction—cleverly-produced fiction, but fiction nonetheless

And not just young people. The (UK) National Council of Teachers of English gave Pringle’s Billions of years top billing in their 2012 ‘Recommended Books’ listing of their Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children.9 How sad—because Pringle’s Billions of years does not belong in the ‘non-fiction’ category. It is fiction. Cleverly-produced fiction—but fiction nonetheless. Since the same arguments are widely utilized by evolutionists everywhere, we trust and pray that this resource below will help more than just those young people and others exposed to Pringle’s book.

We have reproduced much of the Pringle text in the left-hand column below, so it is not necessary to buy the book in order to see the weakness of its arguments.

Billions of years, amazing changes CMI rebuttal material/information
p. 9 (Foreword by Jerry Coyne):

“Evolutionary biology tells us that we’re related, to greater or lesser degreees, to every creature on Earth today: to monkeys and apes, to ferns, to squirrels, and even to tiny creatures that you can see only under the microscope.”
Biology tells us that there are similarities (e.g. DNA) between all kinds of living things. These similarities reflect a common designer, not common ancestry:

Are look-alikes related?
The illusion of common descent
A review of Why evolution is true by Jerry A. Coyne

p. 9 (Foreword by Jerry Coyne):

“And evolution explains all the marvelous adaptations of animals and plants—the grasping trunk of the elephant, the sturdy beak of the woodpecker, the prickly spines of the cactus—as the results of a very simple process: natural selection.”
‘Evolution’ and ‘natural selection’ are not the same thing, notwithstanding the ‘bait-and-switch’ strategy of evolutionists eager to portray otherwise. Natural selection is observed, while evolution is not. Natural selection can only act upon (i.e. cull or not cull) life forms that already exist. It is indeed “a very simple process”—it cannot turn microbes into man, no matter how long a timespan is claimed. So evolution does not explain the animals and plants around us—rather, they fit with the Bible’s account of a once-good Creation and subsequent Fall:

A brief history of design
Heard of elephants?
Muddy waters—Clarifying the confusion about natural selection
The evolution train’s a-comin’ (Sorry, a-goin’—in the wrong direction)
Don’t fall for the bait and switch—sloppy language leads to sloppy thinking
The mutant feather-duster budgie
Designer trunks, Creation 34(3):16–19, 2012. [To see this article and the two articles below from the same recent issue of Creation magazine, the archive version of each will be published online for free viewing only after 12 months have elapsed since printing. (The one-year embargo is in fairness to our subscribers.) Subscription or single-copy purchase required to view before June 2013.]
Woodpecker: head-banging wonder, Creation 34(3):43, 2012.
A thorny issue, Creation 34(3):52–55, 2012.

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