Do It Yourself Christianity.

These times in which we live have reduced the Gospel message at best to a situation where it has fallen into the hands of what can best be described as a DIY method without any blueprint to follow.

The Gospel message when applied to the individual creates in that man or woman a new person, not a new attitude.

To claim to be a follower of Jesus and have no impact on the ego or produce some moral action in how we view the world then something is obviously missing.

More than ever those taking upon themselves the title of Christian will spend more time debating politics than sharing the Gospel.
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1 Response May 24, 2012

Yes, you will. As for me I just want to keep it simple and my love for my Savior to continue to grow. I will let my light shine, I will be shunned by friends of old, but I will pray and grow in my faith because he said I would. The Holy Spirit will lead and guide and I hope and pray to always walk the way he leads.