Religion Is The Cancer Of The World!

I believe religion is the cause of all the worlds ills! Religion has been the cause of every major war in the world! With the exception of civil wars every war has been about religion. World wars and all! Think about it you will find wars dating back through the ages have all started because of religion. If there was a god then he would not let us all be at war because of them! You holy rollers with your holier than us attitude are the ones to blame. You want to control everyone else because they don't believe what you believe, F U! All throughout history wars in the name of god from the war on Jews in the time of Christ the so called savior. to the holy war now waged by Muslims against everyone who isn't Muslim! I am sick and tired of all of them. I don't hate anyone but i seriously dislike anyone who wants me to conform to their  beliefs. They are your beliefs not mine so go away and leave me alone and i will let you lead your sorry lives! No i am not a christian or a Jew or a Muslim or anything else for that matter i am a free thinking person who wants to live his life without war or laws that infringe on my right to do what i want. Don't infringe on my freedoms that has no effect on you.
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Religion may very well be, however Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship!

do you belong to a church? do you worship somewhere? then you are part of a religion!

Religion can be very different than having a Relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Religions are man made, and are based on trying to get to God through rules and regulations and works.

Worship is not done in just one place or on just one day.

Religion makes me self harm and its not done anything for me good but i was forced in to the Christian religion at a young age so i cant help but to believe it and live by it now in my adult age

Re blake9110<br />
You are the same individual that ran this exact story under the banner below.<br />
"Do not support the spread of christianity" aren't you a somewhat inconsistent?<br />
As for the notion that all wars are religiously motivated would you concede that the wars including WW1 and WW2 had Catholics and Protestants on both sides of the battlelines?

That is true but the war was started by a thug who wanted to eliminate jews and others!

I have seen too many die to forget what freedom costs. I can tell you this all those that asked for gods help in the minutes before their death and they still died, so that tells me what I want to believe. You believe what you want!

I will enjoy it because of the liberty granted to me by those who fought for your freedom in 1776 to pursue your religion. I too lost many things in war and I don't expect you to understand what it takes to do your duty even if you don't believe in the reason your are fighting. I did my duty honorably so you could rant about your right to be a religious fanatic.

communists fight wars to eliminate religion and through out the years all religions have persecuted anyone not of their faith. Hitler waged a war against the jews, the crusades waged a war against muslims and the list goes on. You can worship whomever you wish but don't inflict your religion on me. i want no part of it and your concept of morels or anything else. You like so many are so narrow minded you cannot except anyone other than those who believe as you do. That is why so many bible thumpers prey on others even today. You can disguise any war in politics but the root is religious. Look at any war and you can find the religion justifying it hidden in the politics. Look at the current war! its about the religion of the Muslims albeit extremists wanting to eliminate everyone who is not muslim. The middle east is about Jews vs Palestinians. WW 2 about the jews. You may be holier than thou but you are proving my point of not being tolerant of others ideas that are different than your own!

What are you going to do on Memorial Day, make a public protest to back up what you have said i very much doubt it. enjoy the liberty that you have which has been achieved with the blood and sacrifice of many.

leave me alone and i will let you lead your sorry lives!<br />
you wrote the line above which shows you to be a hypocrite i can only speak for myself and i have done you no ill that i am aware of, to me you are a total misguided stranger.<br />
You people that rant about all wars are caused by religion are to put it mildly liars, where is your evidence? wars are fought from political stances, and more blood has been shed by communistic regimes in recent times than any other group.

Before looking at your profile i made a bet with myself that you would have the morals of a billy goat, i won.