Cravin For Jesus

My body is aching,
I am fighting off hunger pains.
I can barely talk and express my thoughts,
I feast on world to feed my appetite,
But the recipe of Christ is missing in my life.
The cravin I have for Jesus is so... real,
It’s like, going to bed without having meal.
Waking up with emptiness, feeling defeated,
My cravin is getting stronger for Christ; I need Him.
I close my eye and visualize His taste,
He is favorite flavor, I love His grace.
I been standing in the food line; craving for a long time,
His sacrifice, feeds my appetite.
My want for Christ burns like fire,
I can never get enough; His love is so appealing,
My cravin for Christ is my spiritual healing.

SoulReal SoulReal
36-40, M
1 Response May 25, 2012