My Prayer Requests For More Physical Healings

I wrote at about divine healings I have received in response to Christian prayer. I need some more physical healings, and I would like to ask my fellow Christians on EP to pray for me.

1. Respiratory Infirmity. Many years ago a mysterious respiratory infirmity came over, involving congestion in my chest (causing significant discomfort), shortness of breath at times, and debiltating fatigue. I went to doctors, but no diagosis was ever made, and I never found any even marginally effective treatment. I struggled with it many years before it gradually faded away in the latter part of the previous decade, thank the Lord. Recently this infirmity has made a resurgence. Last fall I had a period of irresponsibilty when I went several weeks without taking my exercise walks. When I resumed my walks, I found that the respiratory difficulty described above came upon me after only about 10 minutes of walking. It has continued such that I'm still only walking 15 minutes or so, whereas before my hiatus last fall I had been walking about 25 minutes at a time. I am out of shape, and I am frustrated because this infirmity is a complete hindrance to my getting in shape. My walking time doubles as my exercise time and my "quiet time" for trying to meditate and if possible listen to the Lord.

2. Acid Reflux / Substantial Swallowing Difficulty. I have had some difficulty with swallowing going back at least to when I was twelve years old. It seems to have to do mostly with acid reflux constricting my esophagus. It previously got so bad that in the year 2000 I had to have a two-stage esophageal dilation performed. That helped tremendously with my swallowing. The gastroenterologist had me on Nexium and Prevacid, but they didn't seem to work too well, they were expensive, and they had long term negative health consequences. So I got off those drugs and took instead DGL licorice chewable tablets, papain tablets (from papaya), and high-dose acidophilus. I have been having very little reflux while awake in recent years, but gradually increasing swallowing difficulties have indicated a clear problem with nocturnal reflux. I have recently placed a pillow under my mattress, which elevates my head considerably as I sleep, but I don't know if that's sufficient, and it certainly offers no promise of reversing the constriction that has again taken place. I am typically taking twice as long as I used to in eating my meals, because of frequent spasms of my esophagus which can sometimes go on for a very long time.

I am planning to see a gastroenterologist. I will schedule another round of esophageal dilation. I also intend to have my stomach acid tested. I have heard that reflux can be caused by too little as well as too much stomach acid. Something has to be done to get at the root cause. That is really the failure of my esophageal sphincter to do its assigned job of keeping acid down in my stomach and out of my esophagus. Although it is a drastic measure, I am thinking about having surgery on the esophageal sphincter to correct this situation for once and for all. But it would be wonderful to have my esophagus sphincter healed so I didn't have to do that.

3. Sleep. I have had some degree of sleep problems for over two decades. After about a half dozen years of the respiratory infirmity, insomnia surpassed it as the most serious physical infirmity in my life. A doctor put me on the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) drug Paxil. Paxil enabled me to fall asleep, but I often woke for good with only half the sleep that I needed and almost never more than six hours of sleep, although my body seems to want nine hours of sleep. In 2003 I turned to the natural supplement 5-HTP, an amino acid which is produced by the human body from tryptophan and which readily converts to serotonin and melatonin, thereby enabling sleep. 5-HTP worked better for me than Paxil, but I had to go off it at the end of 2006 because at my dosage level of 550mg I was experiencing devastating diarrhea. I had unsatisfactory results with a number of drugs for the next few years. The healing from irritable bowel syndrome in 2008 allowed me to start taking 5-HTP again, and I now I take without difficulty almost triple the dose of 5-HTP that caused me debilitating diarrhea previously.

I am grateful for the partial healing of my sleep in 2009. I now frequently am able to sleep 8 or 9 hours. But I would like the remainder of the needed healing of my sleep. I have too much choppiness of my sleep. I have noticed that even when several awakenings are quite brief, I feel much worse for it the next day. I still sleep short far too often. I would like to feel good during the day without having to have slept for nine hours. I would like to be able to sleep on my back instead of my belly, which I understand to be the worst position for sleeping. And I would like to regain the ability to fall asleep without having to knock myself out with the drug Seroquel, Mirapex generic (to keep Seroquel from giving me restless legs syndrome), 8mg melatonin, 1550mg 5-HTP, and a number of herbal pills. I would like to save the significant amount of money I have to expend on pills for sleep, Even the amount of time I have to spend taking them in two doses before bedtime (the first round to knock me out and the second round to prolong my sleep) is ridiculous.

So please, fellow Christians on EP, pray for me to receive these three healings. I especially need the first one mentioned, from the respiratory infirmity, because I don't see any prospect of medical relief from it.

UPDATE.  I have researched stomach testing. Often reflux is caused by too little rather than too much stomach acid. How that works I don't profess to understand. You do not want a doctor treating you for too much stomach acid when the problem is too little. The test that is needed to determine this is the Heidelberg capsule test. I found out today that my local gastroenterology clinic does not offer that test. So I am going to have to find a clinic out of town. Please pray that the Lord will guide me and that until I'm able to get the medical care I need that my esophagus would function a lot better for me. I am very hopeful that the Lord will give me a divine healing of the respiratory problem for which I see no prospect of medical treatment. I will be asking for prayer for healing in my church this Sunday morning.
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Am not a believer, but will pray for your healing anyway, that Universal Love will course through every cell and set the whole in balance.<br />
In the meantime, may I suggest that you try hatha yoga? It is purely physical, requires no threat to your faith, and works well on most aspects of physical health, including breathing.<br />
Having a guess on your gastric sphincter, could there be some glitch in the involuntary nerve signals at that point?<br />
The mind can have quite amazing healing effects. Would it be worth trying to visualise the sphincter slowly rebuilding its strength and responsiveness, perhaps for a few minutes each day? Perhaps an anatomical diagram could help the imagination - to see and feel a closing and holding, comfortable and secure,<br />
until the opening moment that lets food descend into digestion, a single minded one way valve.

I firmly believe that in an open forum such as this prayer can be hindered by the same thing that came up in the history of Israel, sin in the camp, ( not yours)

God bless you brother in Christ.

Oh dear, I'm sorry you are suffering CC, you have my prayers and I hope you get some relief from it all :o(

Thank you very much. I hope you saw my testimony story also.

praying for you

Thank you very much.