How Can We Justify Our Actions And Still Claim To Follow Jesus.

As time permits and information via the internet is accessible, research can provide answers to questions and at the same time create more questions, and swimming against the tide will result in being stereotyped.
Without the Bible to provide some Spiritual insight into everyday things and some historical matters leaves us at the mercy of the media owned and controlled by non Christians,add the this fact that publishing houses, Hollywood and Television and radio stations also being controlled by non Christians and we end up digesting a sanitised output.
There has been a challenges to what has supposedly been established facts as to the atrocities caused by the Nazis particularly against the Jews, the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 and in more recent times 911.
Mix the above with the movement known as Christian Zionism and all sorts of things are raised to justify the killing of civilians in the Middle East as being the will of the one that pronounced a long time ago that “blessed are the peacemakers”
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Thanks for taking the time to comment, we live in times of great Spiritual darkness and those that believe that Zionism is of God are sadly mistaken and there is not enough room here to go into this in great depth,our Lord spoke about the Synagogue of Satan and false Jews and i believe Zionists are from Satans Synagogue.

I believe no one has answered because nobody can supply you with the answer to any of your questions, even i cannot say. Logically Christians are the first to refrain from such thinking and action that results in a harsh punishment from god. I fear him who reigns on high. If they were Christians they were fake to begin with. I never allow a thought so ville and disgusting to enter my mind, i would never take another's life. I'm born again, i am a Christian.