Trying Not To Lose Hope

I am hoping that all the Christians will join me in prayer because I am going through a very difficult time right now. I was diagnosed with several chronic illnesses in the past few years while dealing with the passing of both my parents. But recently I was diagnosed with extremely bad dust allergies and unfortunately my apartment is filled with air-borne dust fibres from the apartment building laundry room as well as sand particles flowing in through my windows from local road construction that will last till 2014. I have pleaded with my landlord to move me into another apartment but he refuses. The city does not have a indoor air quality department and therefore the landlord doesn't have to move me but I am very ill, physically and mentally (I was diagnosed with depression in 2004 while undergoing 48 weeks of unsuccessful treatment).

Trying faithfully not to lose all hope, I created a small personal campaign ( to raise funds for moving out of this building. I have already raised fifty of the thousand dollars needed to pay first and last months rent on the new place but I only have thirty-four days left to raise the rest of the money.

I need prayer warriors to join me in praying for a blessing in my life right now. I believe God is just waiting to hear the voices of his earthly angels and he will lift this burden from my life and embrace his prayer warriors.

Please keep my situation in your prayers because I'm fighting this battle on my own. I want to be a Fun and Happy Mom again and spend time with nineteen year old daughter again. The stress of being in such a losing situation is just too much and all I do now is sleep because I'm just so sad. 

Thank you all and God bless. Carissa (Hope)
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I would like to thank everyone, from the bottom of my heart, who have sent out prayers for me. Eventhough I have not found another place to live, yet, and there has been no further activity to my fundraising campaign; I still have hope. I believe that God sends his blessings when you're not expecting it. There is so much hope in my heart, at this time, that I can no longer find any tears in my eyes. Sometimes, I feel like just giving up and let whatever happens happen because I am so weak mentally and physically BUT my spirit won't permit me. Again, thank you all for your special thoughts and words of inspiration.

I pray god's healing for you by the blood of the strips of jesus christ & that he will provide the right home for you & your family. God bless you

I'm with you my friend, your in my prayers!

I will pray too!

Prayers coming your way !

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers of hope.


Preghiamo per chiedere il senso di Dio e del suo amore nelle prove. Amen

I am praying for you. I really am.