Mission Trip Speech

This was a speech I wrote for my church congregation when I got back from a mission trip. Let me know what you think!

Hello everyone, my name is Jeremy. This was my first mission trip ever. Unfortunately, it is also my last mission trip with the high school youth group. However, I am looking forward to participating in the college group events and the experiences and opportunities that will come with being a part of that group.

So before I tell you about the trip I have to tell you about myself. I’ve never been much of an open book. I prefer to keep my problems to myself, and deal with them on my own. This trip showed me that God has other plans. It took flying out to the east coast for me to find out how to handle my emotions. God really does work in mysterious ways.

I went into this trip very hopeful that God would show Himself in my life somehow. I hadn’t felt a strong connection with God in a while, and I was hopeful that this trip would give me the opportunity to rebuild that connection that had once been so strong. It happened on the second day. I was in a work crew with 5 other people, and I was the most experienced in construction. Even though I’m not that experienced. So of course, I was proud of the position I was in. My coworkers looked up to me, and I took control of the project. However, 90% of our project was painting. Outside. In the rain. With water based paint. So as you can imagine, it was quite frustrating. So anyways, I’m really motivated to finish painting the back porch so we can stay on schedule and get everything done for the week. Well, we go in for lunch and one of the girls in my crew slips and hurts her back. I take care of her, give her ice and lay her down. I go to wash my hands in the bathroom, I put my hands on the counter and just pray. I said, “Ok God. I understand. This isn’t my job. This is your job, and I’m your tool. I’ve been taking control when I’m supposed to be doing your work in your glory. So take it. I’m giving it to you.” I come out of the bathroom and she’s walking around as if nothing happened. I was amazed of course, but I kept the experience to myself. So we eat lunch and do devotions, and we go out and we finish the back porch. As we’re finishing it looks like its about to rain. So I stood there and said, “Nope. Its not gonna rain.” And im not lying to you, it rained around the spot we were at. I stood there saying “That’s God protecting this spot. That’s all God right there.” Just as we’re about to leave it starts pouring, washes away everything we’ve done, and the same girl slips and hits the same spot on her back. Now, I’m furious. I finally did what I thought God wanted, and relied on Him instead of myself. I come back to the high school we’re staying at and right away Kathy saw something was wrong, grabs me and takes me on a walk to talk. So as we’re walking she said something that really struck me and will stay with me forever. She says, “You know Jeremy, your greatest strength is your strength. However, it’s also your greatest weakness.” This truly opened my eyes. Right there was where I realized that was my biggest problem. I’m too afraid of not being in control. That if I can’t handle it myself then I’m weak. We’ve all heard the saying God won’t give you something you can’t handle, right? Well not in my opinion. In my opinion God will give you something that you can’t handle on your own. So you have to rely on Him. Otherwise your stubbornness wouldn’t allow you to trust in or rely on God. Right there, God put me in my place. He truly humbled me. He made me realize I can’t do everything on my own, and I need Him, and those who are there to support me. That’s how He really changed my life and taught me that I need to let some of my problems out that I had been hiding for a while. And I did that, and opened up with the people in youth group, telling them things I’ve never told anyone. All because of that really bad day. Again, God works in mysterious ways.
Overall, I learnt so much on this trip, especially about myself. I had such amazing experiences, and with a group that I wouldn’t change for anything in the world. I mean who knew we would get stuck in Chicago and get to stay at the Hilton, but I’m so glad we did, and that I was with them.

So thank you Laura, Kathy, Michele, Kurt, and Brent and Katy – unfortunately Brent and Katy couldn’t be here with us today cuz they’re in Minnesota. Thank you youth, and thank you to the POP congregation. In some way or another, you’ve changed my life. Thank you.
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Aug 12, 2012