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It means that I love God more than anyone and that I try my hardest to make as many Christ-like decisions as I can each day. No, I never have a perfect day, it's impossible, but if I do everything I do based on love then it's hard to screw it up too bad. With love behind me, I know I can help people when they ask, I know God will help me when I ask, and I know that if it can't be helped, it wasn't meant to be because it probably wasn't the most loving way to fix the problem.
I'm not a Christian that will judge you, so feel free to be as gay as you want in front of me, because God doesn't hate you, why the heck should I? I wish a lot of other Christians would see it that way, it would save a lot of trouble between me and them. I'm a Christian that likes to have a good time, joke around, even with God, because he's my best friend and I can say things that others would think is a little off the Christian beaten path and he just rolls his eyes at me.
I don't just read the bible, I read it over again, and I study things behind it sometimes if I have questions, which I always do. Let's face it, the bible is full of contradiction so if you don't research it then you're missing out. I also go to church, but just once a week, at which time I rock out to all the new style hymns as the band plays, daydreaming at times that I was on stage with a kick-butt guitar solo.
I have a direction, although I may not always follow it, as it's easy to tend to wander off for me, but my man knows this about me, which is why He shows me constant reassurance most days that He's there and has my back, telling me not to stray and get lost again. If I do, then I did it because I chose to and not because the devil made me do it, although the devil is fairly influential. But when I return from my unplanned journey through hell, my God is always waiting for me, He knows I always come back, He knows there are a handful of people that I love just that much to keep coming back to, and He's my number one.
Being a Christian means I sometimes have to stand up for loving God, it also means I have to stand up to other people who love God too, but forget to love other people, but that's okay, because I will always proclaim my love for Him. It's not the easiest relationship to have, in fact, it's probably the most difficult relationship I've ever know, but I believe it's worth it.
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Army0917 do make good points that I feel would be wise for you to listen to,I think he was firm yet respectful....just a couple of things Mr. JustAFriendlyNinjaKiss don't give up.God loves you so much and you do seem to know it.We all fall short . I have to beg/thank God for his loving mercy everyday cause I realize I fall short and it just didn't seem from your writing that you realize that.

Thanks, for sharing what it means to be a christian. I know we are called to love god more then anything else, and to love others so that Christ's love would radiant to others around us. We are not perfect, along the way we will fall,but we have to get up again.

There are so many things wrong with this and that tells me you don't actually know what it means to be a Christian. I'll elaborate:<br />
<br />
1.) Being a Christian first and foremost means that you are a follower of Christ. You are to be molded into his image as you mature in him so that when the lost world looks at you they see Christ. This also means that you are set apart from the world unto God and you reject the world's ways. This includes speaking out against sin, including homosexuality, which also falls under point 4 below.<br />
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2.) Being a Christians means that you stand on and support the Bible in its entirety. Think of the Bible as a multipurpose tool that God has given the Christian so he/she can be shaped into Christ's image as well as providing the instruction necessary to live the way God wants you to live. The Bible is the only way, so hold it as holy and separate from the world, because the world didn't and could never inspire it.<br />
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3.) Being a Christian means that you love the brethren. Yes Christians should extend love and kindness to all men, but especially to other Christians. Loving the brethren is a test that John gives in 1 John as a sign of genuine salvation. Actually, read 1 John and you will see all the tests that prove genuine salvation.<br />
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4.) Being a Christian means that you stand against sin and false doctrine. Nowhere are Christians told to condone sin, and if we are to be like Christ, then we are to condemn sin as he did. Yes he forgave sins, but only God has that authority. We can forgive personal wrongs done to us, but not sin, which is committed against God alone. The same things goes for false doctrine. False doctrine is a lie and lying is a sin, so to condone or allow false doctrine to flourish is fail to stand for the truth and is a sin itself.<br />
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5.) Being a Christian means that we need to be busy doing the works that God has prepared for us to do. God has a specific will for each Christian and we need to be in that will, no matter what God has planned. He knows best, far better than we do.<br />
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This is just a small list and I'm sure there are more, but I wanted to cover the basics.

Great comment :)

Thanks for the list, I appreciate you taking the time to dive that far into my relationship with God.
1. While THE ACT of homosexuality (having sex with someone of the same gender is considered to be wrong in the bible) is wrong, NOWHERE in the bible does it to speak out against people who LOVE. Eventually sex dies out in a relationship and all that's left is the evolution of the foundation of the original love. And I find that MOST people who speak out against homosexuality speak out against the person, and that promotes hate, which is UN-Christian, which is something I would never do.
2. Fine, I will stand on the bible in it's entirety. Including the killing of a man and his animal for accidentally allowing his animal to kill mine, or furthermore, marry and produce children with my cousins just to make sure that my sacred bloodline does not mix with the lesser bloodlines of the tribes of whom I'm trying to overtake.
3. Take your own advice and actually love people and their differences and realize that God did in fact make us who we are supposed to be, even the ignorant people.
4. A sin is a sin, I get that, whether it's a lie or a murder. The point is, everybody sins, even in the slightest ways, most of the time before you even make it to the bathroom in the morning. Nope, you don't mean to do it, aren't you glad God knows your heart better than you do so you don't have to be worried about going to hell over that stiffy every morning?
5. I'm alive by God's good graces and make it day to day because of him, so be careful in thinking that I don't work for him.

To some of the other comments, regarding the contradictions and researching, if you're just reading it without being the slightest bit interested the writer, the time, the environment, the circumstances, and how it relates to now, then all you're reading is a story.

I AM a Christian, I LOVE God, and He loves me. We have our relationship and I'm the only one that will understand it. I would never stand and judge your relationship with God or call to question what your faith means to you, ultimately calling you "wrong." And that's what bothers me about saying I'm a Christian, is people like that making up the majority, and putting the people like me, who take the basics of Christianity, "love", and stomping all over them. I can't say I'm a Christian without getting a dirty look because of people like that.
Thank you very much for giving Christ a bad name!

Thanks for your reply, now I will address these points: 1.) First, there are different kinds of love. I have male friends that I unconditionally love as friends and brothers. When I greet them I will hug them or shake their hand, but that’s as far as I go. I do not however, have any sort of intimate/romantic attraction to them. This is the kind of love that leads to sexual activity and should only be shared between a husband and a wife and is wrong between two members of the same sex. 2.) When I stand on the Bible in it’s entirety, I take the time to understand the context in which the text was written and how (or if) it applies to me today. But to answer your points - as far as I know from my studies in the law, if I had an animal and it killed yours then I was to sell mine and give you part of the money or if I was neglectful I would have to give you my live one and take your dead one. As far as the whole “marrying” thing, I’m going to have to assume your talking about the tribes that were about to be overthrown in the land of Canaan. The issue I have with your usage here is the fact that this part of the Bible applied only to the Jewish people. It was part of their covenant with God. The ceremonial and judicial parts of the law do not apply to Christians, only the moral code does. The judicial law ceased when Israel scattered in AD 70 and the ceremonial law ceased when Christ was crucified. Once again this leaves only the moral code, which is based on God’s character. So the things you mentioned don’t matter because they don’t apply to Christians. 3.) I do love people and their differences, but I hate lies and false doctrine. It is possible to love a person while not approving of what they say. 4.) Yes everyone sins, but God takes sin very seriously, enough for Jesus to take your place and my place on the cross. When we sin God expects us to seek forgiveness. Sin should never be spoken of lightly and excuses should not be made. 5.) All I’m doing is judging you by the fruits you’re displaying. This is quite Biblical and Jesus even commanded his followers to do this. You know, it’s funny how you said “if you're just reading it without being the slightest bit interested the writer, the time, the environment, the circumstances, and how it relates to now, then all you're reading is a story” when in point 2 you completely totally ignored this and tried to apply the law to now. I am fully aware of the proper way to interpret the Bible and I am very careful when I read it to not read anything into it that was never meant to be there. I can question someone’s walk with God because Jesus told me how to do so. I don’t do so lightly in any sense. Here is the issue with your approach: you ignore holiness, righteousness, and God’s justice. Yes there is love and mercy, and yes they are essential to Christianity, but you can’t only focus on that. It all has to balance. I do not give Christ a bad name. I stand on the whole of scripture and rightly divide it as I’m commanded to do.

Quote " Let's face it, the bible is full of contradiction so if you don't research it then you're missing out" how can you have this attitude and still claim to be a Christian?<br />
Jesus answered, "It is written: 'Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'"

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