Dont Try To Change Me...

Even though i am not perfect i still a son of God,because he has forgiven all my sins,so dont try to change me...
Im a son of God,you can destroy your body,spirit and soul and be condemn by all your sins.
But dont try to change me,this is the way God made me,like it or not this is Gods will and i am no one to refuse hes will..
Dont try to change me because i dont be part of your madness,im a person of positiveness.
Dont try to change me im a new person,purified by the love of Jehovah my father.
Dont try to change me because If you dont like me you can look another way,i am not changing because of you,i will do anything i want because God is with me (and He does not play around).
Dont try to change me because i didnt ask you to become part of me...i am not allowing you to take part of my want be part of my life?then deal with me because i am not changing because of you.
Dont try to change me because there is a beginning and an ending and the ending will not be very nice and i dont want my soul to be lost.
Dont try to change me because if you demand respect you must respect me.
Dont try to change me because this is what i am...when i ask you to like me?never...but if you want to become part of my life im telling you i am a Christian son of God so you are more than welcome but i wont follow other ways because the only path i am following is God's.
Dont try to change me because i already change...i am a son of Jehovah.
You shoul try to change instead of trying to change other peoples lives....
God bless you.
dontpanic777 dontpanic777
31-35, M
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Amen. Accept all that you are and worry about nothing else. Your path in life is clear, your future will await you to greet it when the time is right.

Thank you...blessings

You're welcome don't pay the idiots below any mind, no hell in what they're talking about god accepts ALL people no matter who or what they are, remember that. This is what a good Christian should believe. *One armed hugs*

thank u again...i think you did encode what im going trough...what i really wanted to say...


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Your persistent use of not wanting to be changed was a giveaway, and your gay lifestyle in normal circumstances is your business, but you come here and want to take upon yourself the title gay christian which is the same as coming on here and calling yourself a christian prostitute no difference, and as such you mock God because you know what He has to say about sin,all sin.

Well let me tell you i am becoming gay was important to me to say it this way...may be it is irrelevant for you but for me it is not.
and i know there is not small or big sin.
It was also to focus in the fact than even straight people are capable of doing the most sick and disgusting why to judge a gay Christian?
even those so call men are everything but men...because they are not doing what a real man do...

God says homosexuality is a sin along with the other sexual sins. When we accept Jesus, you put off the old man and become a new creation in Christ. That means for all who accept Jesus, they must allow Christ to work through them to turn away from your sins.

So, if someone tells you that you have to trust in Jesus to deliver you from the sexual sin. They are not judging you, only correcting you on what God said.

Jesus tells us we can not serve 2 masters, so either we serve Jesus and do what He says, or we serve our flesh(which is sin).

We have to sacrifice our self to follow Jesus, so are you willing to sacrifice being homosexual to follow Jesus, or is it more important to you to stay in your homosexuality?

i am willing to sacrifice my sexual orientation (homosexuality) and becoming celibate in order to follow Gods will...because i know i will never change my sexual point of view...and if God wants me to be honored in being part of the chosen then i will gladly sacrifice not having sex...i know God will give me the faith is enormous...

However God's will is to also transform your sexual view to God's sexual view.

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