Beliefs About Gays While Being A Christian

You're A Liar. Soon You Will Go To Hell. I see the media portray gays in various ways. First you have those who support Homosexuality. You'll see them rallying in washington d.c once a year or however many times. You'll see them in all their colors on your t.v screens shouting at one another. You'll see them on groups on the internet supporting almost everyone equally seeking change in our generation and going about it. They are the proactive group, getting their voice heard.
You looked after her lustfully. Soon you will Go To Hell. Then you have those who are against homosexuality. You'll find them not too far off from those who do. The media portrays them as the churches from all over. They are the disciplined, strict, and demanding. They are the enemy. They attack, trying to get their voice heard.
You took without asking, soon Thief, soon you will go to hell. But where does that leave me? Me, I'm not gay. But I am a liar. I believe homosexuality is a sin as it states in the bible. I am a murderer, for I have killed my brothers and sisters with my tongue. I am not gay, nor do I believe in it. But that doesn't make me a saint, for I have been disrespectful to my parents.
You have cursed, soon you will go to hell. But still I sit pretty. Because when I turn on the television, I am not being attacked. No one is exploiting my sins. Since when did the Christians, since when did WE, become the persecutors against the unrighteous? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Put us all in a room, s t r i p away our flesh, put a counter over top our skeletons. For each sin add one point. For no sin is greater than the other. No sin has the upper advantage. When you point, make sure you are pointing at the mirror.
You are a homosexual, soon you will go to hell. As for the little kids who are being told that it is okay? I would never tell them lying, stealing, and gossiping is alright. Because even though we are born into this sin, and we are sinful by nature, no sin is any less as bad as another. Homosexuality? Lying? Stealing? One day that kid will find out what I have been trying to say all along. That each sin is looked at, as the same, as God views us in that room, with the counter over our skeletons. He sees numbers not descriptions. He will see souls, not flesh. That little kid will learn right from wrong. He will learn the gospel and she will learn the truth. They will both have to make a decision. Maybe more than once. We are not who our parents were.
I am a human, soon I will go to hell. We all deserve hell. But by God through Jesus we are saved.
And going to hell became a choice not a command .
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Nice story. Its true its a very crucial fact that Christians have flipped the sc<x>ript knbeveryone and are doing the enemys job by accusing people of their sins instead of loving them for who they are apart from sin like Jesus did and then offer them deliverance makes more a difference then just saying "Hey your going to hell for your many sins." <br />
<br />
God never makes a mistake when he did anything people assume He did because He didnt do things their way. But lets face it if we were in Gods shoes would you change your rules becase the things you created told you to fit their rules but they disrespect and dont follow yours? Think about it.

Thankyou(: I agree with you all the way, and I can tell you actually grasped what it is I was trying to say.

Youre welcome XD

I didn't block you smart one. I had to send you a token to send that message. maybe you have to do the same. But actually don't even try. I sent you the same comment I had added on here.I'm not a "coward". If you have anything to say, say it so that all can read it. As I have.

Jesus was friends with liars, adulterers, thiefs, murders, people who were homosexual, and more. I have friends who are gay and I don't treat them any differently than I would anyone. Don't call us christians "obsessed" . We aren't claiming we are STATING. Don't tell me to get to know anyone, I already know them. We are all sinful, so don't try to use the word "bad" as a replacement. I don't believe they are "bad" at all. I tell white lies sometimes, that makes me a liar, which is a sin, I'm no better than anyone else. And once again if you actually READ what I wrote, you would've saw the part about how we became the judgers instead of the other way around.<br />
So I feel like you didn't actually take the time to read my story at all. If you did, you would understand that I don't believe people, especially Christians should judge what another is doing. And it doesn't matter how we feel because it's about what God sees instead. No "sin" is greater than another. I'm a liar. Yet no one is rallying infront of my house saying i'm going to hell like SOME christians are with some gays. So you need to calm the heck down and get your facts straight before you start acting like a victim and like everyone is attacking you and your views. You're between the ages 30-35? Yeah well I'm 17 and it looks like I actually know how to read before commenting, and allow people to have their own opinions. I'm worrying about myself. and what are you doing? coming on the defense. Write your own stories if you have such a problem with what's going in the world. And I mean that all with authenticity, support, and respect.