Thank You Lord

The only reason you provide is because id die if you didn't, I lived a lie and now deny what i can, and know what i shouldn't, The love you gave just for strength to leave the Devil, what you want is my life for whats right and i know your above, looking down just wish you were here now, Im not close and so far what you've see was my heart, and what so hard is that you require more, pass the love learn to give the spirit and always thanks, the only way to prepare for death heavens gates, im afraid, please give me peace till we meet, and i will do my best, till the end and whats left. Thank you God your all love, be with my brothers and sisters, show them that there's no end and it never stops.

Thank the LORD everyday and for everything he gives in abundance
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22-25, M
4 Responses Sep 2, 2012

Thank you for sharing this prayer.

It is nice I can tell you are a faithful christian

This is very nice. I used to write in a prayer journal. This reminded me of that.

amen we need to be thankful