Beautifully Broken

Today i woke up in God's love for me. I am peaceful and content.  I am grateful to God for his lovingkindness and his mercy towards me. I have been working through darkness in the last 5 weeks that broke me. My faith was tested to the breaking point until i found that the only thing i could do to know God's peace was to stop looking at that which troubles me and to look to God who loves me.  In this time i found myself humbled before God as a child.  I saw myself as a child shaking, crying and broken before God on two different occasions first asking him what he has for me with my hands out to him as i was in tears before him and on the second instance i found myself once again surrendered before him with my hands at my side looking up to him as he placed his hand upon me to bless me. The Lord commanded me to take the blessing he has for me.  These are both very intense experiences.  It was the blessing of God that troubled me more than my circumstances.  Before my creator i find myself trembling before him.  He breaks me because he loves me, he brings me to my knees that i might praise him and so that i may know my need for him is eternal and without measure.  i still see his hand upon me and i still tremble before him, but one thing i am sure of now is that no matter what i am going through, he always has and always will love me as his own. Thank You Jesus.
loveunbound67 loveunbound67
41-45, M
Sep 6, 2012