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In this world today, all individuals are unknowingly dazed and confused while being lost in space within the outer limits of the twilight zone of blindness which prevents any from seeing this world of levees or restraint about to give way while unleashing terrors upon this entire world’s human race with nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and just no escape --- Period.

And when a warning comes

Human nature centered on self only wants to hear as self directs accompanied with total self-defense of their righteousness because self is always right with anyone else in this world not in line with themselves being totally wrong --- Period.

Yet when unseen power leads a true warning through faith with genuine care for all civilization
Regardless of their hateful actions, words and more, we only continue on because our only function in life has arrived for preparing as many of the seven billion people on earth as possible so they can at least become mentally stable for the worst timesoftrouble that has ever before been on this planet while being the worst that shall ever be throughout eternity. Did anything serious register regarding how bad life shall become for all on earth?
Therefore my only care has become for all the other human beings on earth with special concern for children due their innocence without knowledge which has become my only major purpose in life with no other.

So now after near six years of hardships with experience being that humans are never the ones we can turn to in great times of need; it has been only God who has supplied the basic needs of my wife and I with much being just the greatly required inner peace to deal with a life of having nothing while at the same time giving me required spiritual knowledge I have earned through faith and doing as instructed so that I would become a published author with

Message for This Entire Human Race as my first book with 474 pages and more books to follow with information on where this world stands regarding its destruction with waste and desolation.

Words for Journalists, video and producers

Because the story of my life since childhood has more than one time when I should have been dead along with currently having absolutely zero trust or spiritual association with any other humans on this planet, I am somewhat different because my only trust is in God with no other; therefore I believe His every word without man to change what He speaks.

So when God says these following most important words to all on earth;
“The LORD looks down from heaven at us humans
to see if there are any who are wise,
any who worship him.
But they have all gone wrong;
they are all equally bad.
Not one of them does what is right,
not a single one. (Psalms 14:2-3)-(GNT)

Today in this world of uncountable religions being over three billion believers, none, no, not one fully believe God who they all claim to believe in while the rest of this world are no different being non-believers. Did what I just spoke register? If believers do not fully believe God and non-believers do not believe in God, what is the difference? There is none other than believers are much more guilty than non-believers.

So what are believers supposed to do?

“The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. (Psalms 12:6)-(KJV)

All are to only believe every word of God without doubt or question, so rather than yelling out of context, for the Jews or whatever their narrow minds can muster --- all believers through faith with tears should be asking God to correct them for His mercy and protection in these times which lie ahead for all the inhabitants of this planet.

Currently at this time, most on earth feel secure through their own ways and beliefs, but what if severe pains were to come upon all? Would not the only proper medication required be as the only relief needed?

Today, as in my books cover image, all in this world all are dancing on the rim of the trash can where this earth now is as if either nothing is wrong, things will get better, or just illusion without knowledge; but when the levees break and this world becomes distressed in pain with panic and agony they will all need some medication with none to be found.

My book inspired by God “Message for This Entire Human Race” with its subtitle “Guaranteed Destiny for Civilization as History Which Has Already Occurred” is the only medication on this planet ahead of time that can bring some relief as a warning ignored, but placed within the subconscious which became fulfilled just as stated in the warning.

I am 57 and there is a story of my life with bits and pieces that have allowed me to relate to others of all sorts on earth regardless of their location, language, skin color or belief; and that is because we are all human and therefore created equal.

I now have eleven free websites and up to over 350 posts in just one site alone with many more added making perhaps a million views of all I have written through the years passed on truth, reality, God and the god of this world with his extreme psychological power over all on earth.

Purpose of these words

When there is in existence a 474 page book being a message for this entire human race, what good can it possibly do when unknown? Therefore it must be professionally presented in ways for all to take some genuine interest; and not only religious people who have always refused truth according to who they all claim belief in through lack of knowledge and complete disobedience; and what better way than a very well done video in You Tube with an author’s trailer that continually shows more information that will have an extremely great effect on every life on this planet?

God chose Jeremiah before he was even formed in the womb and God also has chosen me in the same way for many reasons that I can understand. Jeremiah was not liked or believed, nor am I. Ezekiel a messenger from God who also was not liked heard or believed; and in the same way I have a message no one wants to hear.

Just to cut the chase, let’s eliminate the money grubbers who will pay through judgement

I have no income, no savings and no life other than what God allows, yet when God directs I just do as spiritually led through faith.

Let’s talk reality and make a movie or video to interest all humanity while planting truth deep within their mind which will resurface as hundreds of millions are slowly sinking within the chaotic swamps of life with no lifeline, no hope and no God to hear their cries; and what you just read has been written in the Bible with the last to believe being this world of believers in a God they don’t even know. So says God, not my words.

Want information or verification on my published book? Just request.
Even if you have no interest, please share these words with whom you believe would because they were written for all humanity.

Jeff Callarman/Timesoftrouble pen name
timesoftrouble timesoftrouble
61-65, M
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