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It is only when a person has been within the same square mile of the Philippines for over five years with no life other than learning to struggle through hardships while never letting go of their faith; and there is a reason being when that happens, as time and years go by, we lose association with this world and worldly things as our heart and mind begin to focus on only what God says with trust in His every word while at the same time seeing the sufferings of people worldwide in deeper ways than just words alone speak because with that vision we have feelings for others no matter who or where they are in this world. So we picture ourselves being in prison, tortured, raped, sick, blind, starving, diseased, robbed, disabled, homeless and unemployed with no hope, no freedom, no care, no friends, no life and only massive confusion with everything always going wrong and absolutely nothing ever going right.

And when we as an individual know this world’s future including the destiny of all human life including children worldwide, our only great concern becomes in the task of getting out a message to a civilization that does not want to hear or believe.
But through faith, we just look to God and follow His lead in spiritual ways the natural minds in this world don't understand because they don't follow His instruction in the Bible which is the only way that anyone on earth can ever gain any understanding of God.
Everything has its beginning that sooner or later will come to its end; and given time, so does this entire human race under the very pathetic rule of man that has always brought only death and suffering through uncountable ways that the people of this world just don't see, relate too, try to change, or even understand the depth of.
When one looks only to the Higher Powers with absolutely zero trust in human minds, the end of mankind can be clearly seen with understanding as to why it has arrived, but the wise, very powerful and cunning god of this world through psychology hides all truth from every individual who is an inhabitant of this earth while placing a false comfort within all human thoughts which leads into feeling a false security through the human spirit which hides God’s Spirit of Truth from all minds other than the few on earth who seek only as instructed by God; and what that means is the greatest names all through history and today in philosophy, government, religion, education or any knowledge of human beings whatsoever in absolute truth have never possessed any true understanding regarding this human race and its final end under the rule of man.

This book has been written under the direction of God; and shows that everything God says is true. Therefore this whole world has been misled in one way or another including the uncountable money sucking man-made religions and beliefs worldwide. This book also proves how you, your children, your family and everyone you have ever known are being softly killed in hidden ways through many foods eaten, air breathed, drinking water and our use or association through a large variety of products worldwide with many hidden dangers to health, body and mind.
Plus these following most important words from God that you are about to read which are so true that a world of over three billion believers in God don’t believe them.

"The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one. {Psalms 14:2-3}

What makes me different from all others is that I believe every word of God with understanding of why He speaks words this world of believers don't believe; therefore the religions of man worldwide know not God in His Spirit of Truth; and this book proves why in deep, true, and easy to understand reasons for any who choose the words of God rather than the doctrines and traditions of man which only destroy God’s truth.
“The Lord said, “These people claim to worship me, but their words are meaningless, and their hearts are somewhere else. Their religion is nothing but human rules and traditions, which they have simply memorized. {Isaiah 29:13}
People of today's human race look in only the direction of where they are or want to be while having nothing to do with what's unseen or just whatever is not acceptable as a comfort zone. So just how is it possible to tell this entire world of people that this earth represents the Titanic with this whole world’s population being the ships passengers? And the ship is going to sink with lifeboats for only few of the many.
Just over one hundred years ago the ship Titanic did sink because warnings were ignored and history cannot be changed due fact already happened.
Now if I were to go back in time with those facts to tell all the people as they were boarding the ship that it was going to sink, do you think that they would believe me? Of course not, in fact they would all just label me as some nut case with loose screws; and the same is today when trying to warn this world that the beginning of their end has arrived because billions of deaths with destruction, waste and desolation has already happened just as the words of God clearly state all through His book of instruction filled with only truth that none, no, not one believer believes in the way that God speaks even though His every word is pure.
In other words I have absolutely no association or nothing to do with this world—Period other than my existence being no different than Pauls through the constant battles between flesh and spirit. {Romans 7:14-24} So my only educator is God.

We as the human race do not see or understand because through many decades past and in to these end times we have all become as programmed and controlled individuals just as animals in cages through being fed only what we are allowed to know while having minds that think we know everything necessary about our life that we need to know, when in truth, we know absolutely nothing. And what I just shared with you is written in deep ways with very solid proof all through this book.

So telling this civilization their beginning of the end has arrived is no different than trying telling a dog that it is stupid because nobody wants to hear and no one can understand the way things truly are just as the dog did not hear or understand; therefore neither will the many of this world. But their sub-conscience will have been filled which is part of my job for God; and that is why this book has been written from God as my only source for life while being in spiritual chains for only growth in faith and knowledge of our creator as His student. {Isaiah 28:9}

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