How many people think they are in control of their lives? Think there's nothing stopping us from having everything in life. It's true that nothing is free in this world, and we have to work hard if we want something bad enough. I used to think I used to think, I could have anything and all it takes is confidence.
The whole reason we live in a world like this is because of unfaithfulness and how can we submit if we never learned to trust. I am a Christian now because i thought love was a joke and the more sex i had the more love I had. Miss conception the world wants leaders that run things the way were used to, its better to laugh then cry and everyone wants to have their ears buttered.
I know that the truth hurts and the world would rather deny the truth that will set them free, to enjoy a good thing that will hurt in the end.
The great thing about putting God first is that there is no control other then Gods control. No one can play with your emotions if your fully content on God. Jesus saves and forgives us our past. Live for the future, dont forget your mistakes but trust that, if we do the same things, we get the same results.
I love what I have found and we can all find that if we let go of our ego and live for the Light. I realized im not in control and give everything to Jesus when I cant handle it. Life is easier as a Christian.
Bless All
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Interesting. I think even if you put God first you still have some control over things. Of course, ultimately what is destined for you will happen but we do have some control that's why we are given free will, to choose and make choices. So yes, believing that God is guiding it great, but also knowing we as humans also can influence things in our lives is also important. Otherwise we would all sit back and say, "Hey! It's okay, God will work it out for me." We have to do our part as well, not just through worshipping. Just my thoughts. Life is easier with God, I agree.

Hallelujah.Got a great life ahead of you thinking like that.