I Am Not A Christian

You have stolen from me. and my child.. What you did to our sexuality deserves DEATH. You tell me my sexuality is a sin? I can come over and over and over and over. Make sure you tell your daughter that. Make sure she only has sex to make a baby. Make sure she never realises her beautifuil gift. Make sure she never knows what a clitoris is, because that our secret. Your religion is DEATH.
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I have received hundreds of responses to this slightly incoherent post. The main argument is that god and the bible profess this, that, and the other thing. I DON'T believe in your bible or your religion. What I have yet to read a comment on is anyone else who doesn't buy into this story. Believe what you want, please. That is YOUR truth, not mine. I certainly don't need bible passages and scriptures thrown at me. I live by the law of kharma and kindness. Pretty much what the prophet jesus was trying to say. Unfortunately, you and your misogynists have diluted the message to suit your needs. It's so very simple: Love, accept, help, give. Ask yourself, "Is this the way I live?". Why is that so hard to understand? I live my entire life by these principles. Yet I am a sinner and a ***** to you. What are you missing?

unfornatly just living a good life will not ensure your eternity in heaven. There is only one way.

Women's sexuality is immense and immensely wonderful, certainly a gift from god. Oops I didn't capitalize...I hope I didn't hurt god's feelings. Seriously, the problem with too many religions is MISunderstanding, and scripture out of context. Sure we all commit sin, but sexuality is not one of them. God does not need our protection, it is we who need hers.

Sex outside what God defined in the scripture is sin. God created sex to be enjoyed but only between a married man and woman. All other sexual activity is sin. It is Father God, not mother god.

I appreciate your view and some of my most cherished and valued friends would agree with you. They are the salt of the Earth.
We must be honest. Man wrote the scriptures, and God created us brimming with sexuality. We are in God's image. With all due respect, just what exactly does "father" do all alone with his penis? Have sex with 14 year olds? Or was Mary 21 and married?

If God is beyond our laws then why are our laws based on "his" word? Does god give us law, then live by different ones?

God is not flesh and bone so He doesn't have sexual organs.

Man pinned the scriptures, meaning they wrote what God told them. God is the author and man the printing press.

The laws any government has are just that, their laws to govern. God's laws and man's laws are 2 different things. God comes first.

I maintain God is the press too. God is beyond our understanding as is the entirety of the universe. It is no insult to refer to God as Mother or feminine. I just think they are slightly better descriptors than "father". Thanks for the discussion and may you be blessed.

To call God mother is not scriptural. Nowhere did Jesus every refer to God my mother.

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The only thing ...ONLY THING!...that will send you to hell is not believing on the Lord Jesus (what He did in dying for us on the cross).Study the Scriptures(The Word of God),He will guide you.I pray you soon find God's unconditional love for you.

Um, not quite unconditional huh? You listed a condition. If not, then you listed a big contradiction.

He loves us no matter what. So no conditions on His love for us. There however is a condition to get to heaven.

So "He" sends us to hell with love. That is a contradiction. I love my children no matter what and will NEVER disown or dissociate from them. And my god will NEVER send me to hell whether I believe or not!!!!!! She LOVES me.

You are not a holy , just or perfect parent. So, if you tell her that if she does something and the her punishment or consequences are going to be ....(fill in the blank), do you carry it out or is it just empty words?

Well God is a perfect, just and holy parent, and when He says the consequences for a certain action is a certain thing, that is exactly what He means.

To believe God will not do what He says is a lie from satan.

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